New 2008 Yamaha YZF-R125!

Okay, now tell me this isn’t designed to win races? It’s god-damned sexy. Anyone who’s new to biking and wants to learn how to get the most out of biking as quick as possible could do a HELL of a lot worse (cough big bike syndrome) than to look at this!

Taken from gallery:

Yeah but stick an RD350 YPVS lump in it.

Innit :smiley:

That would be interesting…Bring back 2 smokes!

CBR125 has had hte market for quite a while and now this comes along, heating things up nicely! I would love one of those as a commuter - unrestricted - if I could fit on it! Sadly I’m just too large and lardy!:wink:

Looks good! I bet the tail tidy people are rubbing there hands tho! :smiley:

I saw that and thought - wow thats gonna get the kiddies into bikes - big time!! just like the R6 R1 that they all crave!

Is it a two stroke or a 4?

Looks good, couldn’t believe it is only a 125 after seeing those pics.

Blimey! How nice is that. I looked at the photos without taking too much notice and thought “This guy has got it wrong, thats an R6” On closer inspection…

If this was out a year ago when I got my CBR afte my CBT, Yamaha would have had my money no question. I thought my CBR was the best looking 125 for the money and if this bike is competitively price, I think Honda had better watch out in 2008.

I have my SV650 now but will be going into a Yamaha dealership just to have a look at one of these…

mistake it for an R6… you’ve got to be f. joking… look at the size of that zorst!

nice job tho Yamaha. Good to see them trying to get more kids into biking. I do wonder sometimes where the new blood will come from. Seems like every bike meet the boys rock up on there gixxer thou, r1s etc take off their lids and they are all middle aged and going grey :w00t:

you prefer them younger heh nutz, lol :stuck_out_tongue:

Now when is the R8 coming out? :Whistling:

Judging by the shape of the zorst I’d guess its a 4 stroke. No sign of an expansion chamber anywhere:cool:

saw lots and lots of very similar looking machines in peniscola! also yamaha’s (but cant remember what model) thought to myself then that they looked better than the cbr 125, come to think of it they might have been 50cc models that i saw!! still looked good!:slight_smile:

You are only as old as the person you feel :wink:

It looks erm…very racey, but due to our restrictive laws I fear it will be a sheep in wolves clothing within our shores. That and the fact that a lot of people who are getting into bikes will be looking to go up the cc ladder as quick as possible. Lets face it, who can blame them…

I think manufacturers will have to make more interesting lower cc bikes now that the bike licence laws are changing at the end of next year and youngsters have to stay on lower powered bikes for longer.

Let’s see the return of the sports 250 I’d say.

wow she’s a beaut, might consider getting one jus to play around on