Never let your pitball fight a porcupine!


thats cruel and sick… wtf did they think it would happen???

I really don’t think that he wanted his dog to fight the porcupine! More likely that the dog decided to play with it, and found out the hard way that porcupines are vicious little sods! Bull Terriers are very inquisitive and often end up injured as a result! :wink:

I’m pretty certain that the owner wouldn’t be silly enough to goad his dog into being a pin-cushion… Think of the vets bill for that one! :stuck_out_tongue:

I really do feel sorry for the dog though. It breaks my heart to see an animal in pain. :frowning:

I blame the owner. ‘I know, let’s go home and take a photo of it before we take any of the spines out’

i blame the parents…

I blame Ricky . . . :smiley:

poor thing

Good ‘point’

Nope, that would be even worse for he dog! Those spines are barbed, and actually burrow their way into the skin further when you try to pull them out. It would be really painful to rip them out of the poor mutt’s skin… :wink:

Sorry but I don’t have anything against dogs (not a big fan), but a large majority of dog owners should be banned from keeping animals.

An that is another prime example. The owners should have the quills stabbed into them.