Never believe what you read in the papers.

Quite amusing.

Ha ha, im glad they did that !! For years this idiots have been printing lies about “stars” and whatnot…its trivial stuff compared to say the killing of Baby P…THATS the stuff they need to print the truth about…and if we are living next to a paedo or some murderer !!I know it maybe shouldnt, but the front story about Leona Lewis made me laugh this morning…ok some guy allegedy punched her in the face…if true its not good…but the bit where she was “rushed to hospital” was the bit that made me laugh !! now call me what u like, but ive opened up a cupboard door in my kitchen before now, forgot to close it, bent to pick something up or turned quick (its happened a few times cos im a dopey cow!)…and hit my head on the open door? …yeh it hurt…but i didnt get “rushed to hospital”…ive been hit in the face before, both meant and by accident…still didnt get rushed anywhere for attention !!

Are we breeding wimps nowdays or is it just the era i was born that in those days, even a copper could smack u round the nut and ur mum would say “well u must have asked for it, so serves u right”…and while im on me box…what the hell does that mean??? “serves u right” ??? i reckon i was “served WRONG” cos i got a smack !!! :wink:

If u had a row with ur neighbour and it came to blows, of sorts…handbags stuff i call it…they never rang the ol bill to come and lock u up for a few hours and give u a caution…but they do nowdays !!! Like i said WIMPS !! :w00t:

Sounds like you need your head examined, too.

If you’re punched anywhere in the head, you should seek immediatel medical help. Brain injuries are not immediately obvious, but surprisingly easy to get. There is a certain amount of give, but not much, and if your brain hits the other side of the skull, you may well have had it. Not to mention retinal detachment and other injuries.

My head examined? oh perlease !! i can see what your saying if your head was given such a bang that it can hit the other side of your skull, fair enough and very true…but this person had to lean over and looks like he just caught her …hardly hospital job…like i said “wimp” or is that cos ive been around too many people who can “take it on the chin” and not have a glass jaw, myself included!!

Maybe they should ban all boxers then, cos they REALLY take a hit…compared to what she got…Sounds like you havent been out and about much, or you would see many a person in a drunk punch up getting licks like nothing, dont see them going to the hospital tho, OR anyone bothered to take them either come to that…

End of the day im not going to get dragged into something that i have an opinion on and i wouldnt dream of saying anyone who thinks a slight hit on the head isnt enough to get the ambulances out for and push someone to the front of a queue that others have been waiting in for hours to be seen with blood gushing from them etc…in need of “having their head examined” so carry on how ever long u like…ur statements have holes all over them…who said she had such a punch it knocked her brain across her skull, who said she got knocked stupid, who said she was unconscious? IF that was the case, i might say ur statement makes some sense…bluddy hell women get knocked about every day from abusive relationships…most of them dont say a word about it as well…

Who said she was rushed to hospital ? :

“Police have arrested a man over an alleged assault on 2006 X Factor winner Leona Lewis at a book signing.
A Scotland Yard spokesman said police were called to Waterstone’s book store at Piccadilly, London, but Lewis did not need hospital treatment.”

Ironic considering the thread title ! :smiley:

Very ironic as the Sun says this morning that “the shocked bleeding heart singer, 24, was rushed to hospital”…bit like do u believe that if u have had a hit to your head (note i say “hit” and not a slam dunk) that you should immediately run to the hospital or doctors? cos theres a hell of a lot of disillusioned people out there if thats the case…A friend of mines daughter died a few weeks ago of cancer…she had gone to her doctors and couldnt even get past the stupid receptionist to see the bluddy man !! When she did get an appointment they basically sent her away and said “take a pain killer”…by the time she DID get sent to hospital they told her the cancer had taken hold…she fought it for 3 yrs before it took her at the age of 29 !! So a phuking tap on the head and all this hype about poor ol leona lewis, kind of means sod all to me !!

I read this yesterday, hillarious :stuck_out_tongue: Especially the one about amy winhouses hair being set on fire in Barnet, how gullible!! lol

This thread is all about stuff in the papers being untrue so don’t beleive everything you read :slight_smile: Although I have to say that if I was punched on the side of the head by a bloke I would think about about going to hospital to have it checked out, not before giving him a massive kick in the nuts :slight_smile: Also, just because someone has blood pouring out of wherever doesn’t mean their injuries are more serious than someone whose been punched in the side of the head. Anyway, not what this thread is about so stop picking on him Blade lol :stuck_out_tongue:

Not quite sure where this thread is heading now Blade!! It was supposed to be humerous not picking on people.

Oh well.

Looking forward to seeing the film :slight_smile:

I didnt pick on anyone, just had an opinion about something being blown up…and i did say that i didnt think it was right she got punched…but it made me laugh how it was made into such a big thing…and yes i do know that she couldve got stabbed or shot…and im not condoning those actions…errr, i was the one that was told to get my head examined btw? :slight_smile: