Netbook Windows Product Key Error

My sony netbook asks for a product key everytime I open a microsoft word document.

I’ve located the product key on the bottom of the netbook on a lovely sticker. Typed it in…wrong code…:blink:

What am I doing wrong? Why wont it recognise my code?
I have in the past said no to entering the product key and its allowed me to use word etc and save in the normal way. I take it that was only for a limited period!

Any ideas???

I’ve always like you done it properly and bought the products etc, but on the occasion when i’ve had trouble like this i have downloaded a keygen and its worked fine.

The Key Code on the bottom of laptop is normally for Windows not Office. So that code would not work as you have found out.

So you are not doing anything wrong… however Office does expire after a time period if you do not enter a valid product code.

You can either purchase a new copy of office from amazon etc. to get a key or use an open source version like OpenOffice which does the same thing as MS Office, for free!

Looking very promising so far.

Thank you! :smiley:

As others have confirmed, the code on the bottom is the Key for windows and the actual pc software.

Look through the books you got with it for the office key.
Did it come with office pre-installed?
Alot of the time office pre-installe is just a trial version for say 30 days or so.

another advocate of OpenOffice here