Neons on bikes

What’s the consensus people are they chavish or will they make my bike look better than it currently does ?

It sort of depends fr me. Sometimes I think they look cool but if there’s to much I just look to see where they put the hook for their baseball cap!

But doen well they are good!

If anyone does it, can I remind them that there are more colours then BLUE!

I prefer some stratigical placed LEDs, much mor subtle.

i think a well placed LED is quite cool, not strips of them under your belly pan, but discreet ones highlighting your £500 rear shock or maybe in the rear hump of your bike to illumate your undertray area.

Whatever you do, make sure they are waterproof and fused and able to be switched off at anytime whilst riding.

Getting a tug from the law for having illegal light sources is not advisable

But makes a nice change from small plate, unreadable / dirty plate, race exhaust or tinted visor…to name but a few!!!

only rear strobing lights are cool and thats it

Just don’t park it to near the Pier at Brighton - people might think the bike’s an amusement ride and try and stick £1 in the slot!

i better not do up my shoe lace while standing next to it then

To right! Certainly not in Brighton…And think of all that loose change…

I agree, some well placed LED’s can add a certain cool factor, but neons? Nah, best left for Max-Power readers.

get ureslef to maplin u can add leds for <£5 to ure bike.

U need a switch, some strip board, some leds, some resistors (google how to calculate the value u need), some wire and i think thats it!

u may also need a 12v regulator but if u take into account the volatege will be 14v with the alternator on u prob wont need it!

I,ve got some UV Black light LEDs which I sometimes use with the alarms. Very effective at night!

If they want to look like something straight out of the Red Light District… then let it be

I want to put two orange strip lights under the seat cowel. If I can do that with leds fine, no one and I mean no one seems to sell orange neons any way.

red and yellow will diffuse to an orange glow from a distance.

With regards to the previous poster about resistors, regulators , eh?

Just buy 12v Leds, fine as they come, straight of an ignition source with a simple switch in line from the 12v or earth poles is cool

The longer leg on LEDs is Positive, they only work one way, you can try either way, you wont damage them

Personally I’d go for white or blue HiBrites, these are usually the brightest.

Posted this link in another thread… how about a tax disc holder with an LED in it?

MacP and Flatout,

the two of you crack me up…

not so sure i wanna go to brighton with you guys now…

“loose change”

As the alternator output 14v i tyhough u may need to take it down 2 12v using a regulator…12v leds will prob take it tough.

the resistor comments where to do with standard leds (5v) as u need to drop the curent down or ull blow the led