Neil, just two minutes!!!! LOL

No, not NJS71

What the hell did he have in his pockets???

The dude was zapped for drug dealing. The cop with the glasses sprayed mace in the suspects face when they were against the car and got his colleague. The dude they were arresting had taken amphetamines and steroids, thus making him stronger. The little kid with the yellow umbrella apparently was the dealers daughter.

I’m not sure what’s funnier, Rottie’s avatar, the fact he’s calling out njs71’s name, or the fact the guy screamed like a girl! Nice one! hehehe…

I loved the fact that he’s calling his mate to make a big and serious crime which the assault on a policemen is and asking him

" Come on Neil, only two minutes" like he wants him to jump start a car or sth. LOL