needs a hug

any women fancy giving me a hug,…no seriously…I need a hug.


Awwwww Stuey… I give you a hug next time i see ya :satisfied:

aww…why so blue?

ya know how things are, sometimes a fella just needs a good old squeeze…plus im a raging perv, lol.

all hugs can be delivered via a smartphone…i look forward to receiving them.


Shane MD - meet Stewart. Stewart - meet Shane. Blackheath 2am, Sunday morning. You know it makes sense;)

I have a ball bag you can hug stew pot;).


ah it shows that smiled is back to his old self now lol :smiley:

smiled, the only way i could hug your ball bag would be if i were .5 of an inch tall with microscopic hands. and black heath isn’t all its CRACKED up to be hels,…you should know that,…remember last time we were there, jeez, the amount of torch batteries we went through eh!!! lol.

Jeez…Shane’s balls really have sagged!!!

hahahaha,…these are the pit falls of continued tea bagging,…the creation of vacuum on ejection causes depletion of elasticity in the nutulus baggus.
a medical condition also known as old git gonaditis.

I think you’re mistaking me for Herr Schmidt, Stewart…:wink: Never mind, it was dark and you had a dodgy torch:) I am sure next time Shane will wear out you torch batteries just as well when you investigate his current problems:D

haha, i would’ve given you a hug…well maybe, but unlike yourself i’ve been literally slaving my ass off, i’m being treated like i’m in a third world country :smiley:

i might try doing a post like this l o l:hehe: