needing sum company!

going thru bit of a hard time at the mo, realised i dnt really have anyones numbers 2 arrange meeting up anytime!

so if i met u a few times, and you consider urself a pal, pm mefor my mobile

Steve you should have come on the ride i even said i would fill your bike up for ya??? what you like man??? you got my number use it and i dont mean sending me a random text!!

aye i know, only ive been up all night, no way i was gona get to ace or box so early, i txt ya earlier

hope it was good one

i got a few things on this week ill try and meet up with ya… i said to you last week about getting together for a chat it wasnt idle chat steve ill let ya know man but you gotta get out and about and my invitation that you havent replied to is non negotiable your coming to my birthday and thats it!!!