needed, Triumph Decals....

does anyone on here know of anyone that can do some decals for me? the triumph ones are £100!!!

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there’s a place in Enfield that can do em

aww fanks guys, Andy i really like that pic!;-):slight_smile: fanks

that was one of my fav pics pics that one, more than i can say about this one

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lol, gawwd, that was a week ago, and im still having probelms with the foot. I went to the hospital today and they checked it out, theres a small fracture, but not enough to do anything about it, and tissue damage. so its complete rest for a few days…

Hello you rode for another 700 odd miles after that cant be that bad

i say good job you had the doc to tuck you up at night

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pics are ready to collect from Ang or me when you ready.