Need to park the bike in Belgrave Square, London

Hi all!
Need a bit of advice !

Need to park the bike in London (Belgrave Square), any ideas of a safe place?

Do we have to pay to park bikes in London?


have a look here

where have you been up to now? have you heard of NTBPT? :stuck_out_tongue:

Is there something wrong with my PC because for me parkingforbikes shows everything exxcept motorcycle parking. I have to use


there is a big bike bay on pont st off sloane st 2 min walk to belgrave square.

there is a bike bay on pont st off sloane st 3 min walk to belgrave sq.

I hardly go into London, i spend most my time on tracks and parking in Paddocks are free:D

Cheers guys i check out the website.

Are these bike bays safe though? :w00t:

My mate had his CBR400 nicked 2 weeks ago in London, just a bit worried about leaving it for a couple of hours :wink:

No bikes are safe in bays mate! Never ever!

Bring protection!!
No not that kind. :hehe:

I mean a trusty chain and lock at the very least. Disc lock too if you have one. :wink:

:slight_smile: :smiley: Will do i might even stick a cover on it :slight_smile:

llcoolj (15/09/2010)

if you do make sure you put your lock through it to keep it secure to your bike… people sleeping rough have been known to nick em :w00t: