Need to make £10K extra in the next 4 weeks

I just brought a new house (if everything is going OK with mortgage and valuation) adding a cool £280K to my already wapping £500K of secure debt.
Now as I never sale any property, so I need to refurnish a 3 beds house to high standard to issure coorporate rental. As, once I will have pay for legal, 10% exchange, 3% stamp duty (thanks Gordon to keep it so low -European average is 9%-), I will not have 2 penny left to rub together; I need to make around £10K in the next 4 weeks on top of my normal misserable income…
And please do not go for anything needing me naked unless you are willling to pay because I have pass the age where I can make any money like that.
Any idea? Or do I just max out one my credit card?


balaclava, shotgun and bank spring to mind

Just take out £ 10K worth of life insurance and stick youself under a bus. Simple!

Got any elderly relatives with a few quid in the bank you can take out for a bit of a spin on the back of the bike?

Im no financial wizard, but im also not thick! A loan would have far better interest rates than a credit card, could you not get a short term secured loan which you could gradually repay with the profit from the rental income, after deductions for mortgage etc?

Just thinking out loud here…

I do not think that I can get a penny more of loan on anything.
Further more I have no rental income over the repayment of the mortgages…
Barely breaking even on my mortgages vs rental as it is…
I just need £10K fast… If I have a few of month this will be a no problem…
Anyone??? Really??? Going to have to max out a card then… What a petty
I hate giving money to those blood suckers…

what about a new credit card with a 0% offer?

got too many cards already… Last summer I was calculating that i could buy a small flat on credit card if I put them all together (could not pay for it but could buy it…)
Last thing I want is a new credit application going on my file while I apply for further mortgage.
I am pass the amount I should officially borrow so I do not want to do anything that would worry underwriters…
Come on people. Give me some credit here… I do that for a living. I need a way to make £10K in the next few weeks, not borrow them…
I though I would get more “out of the box” ideas

I use the website now and again, always really handy money saving tips and advise on there from real experts - theres a forum which I think you should stick your question into they will probably be able to help you out

When you find out let me know

Not putting any more heft on them broad shoulders…but…you just bought with interest rates going UP???

And you’re already at your limit…and already 10k short…

Dude, you got balls that glitter in the dark!

And get ready for more. I expect the base rate to be round 6% by June end.
I am at the limit of my official borrowing power… I can shave about £1K of expenses a month without to much suffering…
Although need gears, suits, shoes and my usual 12 weeks annual holidays are going to get a shock…
Just joking, I will just stop paying my ex anything over what our divorce agreement says and I am home free…
Let her reduce her life style… :wink:

Obviously you don’t know any good ones… :wink:

Sorry, Not good, smart and successfull…

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NIce one FatMan…

oldie but a goodie

i’m not sure it would come as a surprise to your bank manager would it?

Fredric , Fredric… so many questions?

Where is your house? What is it’s value? I assume you have a flat that you are trying o corp rent? Where is it? What iis its value? Who are your letting agents? are they on standard 10% / 5% ? Have you considered short lets? You vcan do that even if the flat /house has just a bed and table in it - good money too for the right area…Have you considered moving out yourself for 3 months and short letting your place? - you could jockey a cheap flat in a crap area while getting a good 3 month return on yours…

… or there’s drug trafficing as previously mentioned

If it was a bit longer than 4 weeks I could lend you the 10K. I charge more than the banks though. And I break legs.

Seriously, bravo, can’t wait to hear how it turns out. You’re a braver man than I.

Get in touch with that bloke, who did the how to pay off your mortgage in 2years tv prog - think he was called Rene

£10k in 4 weeks should be a piece of Pi$$ for him!!!

Or there’s always Alan Sugar