Need to get a puncture sorted, inner tube...

So I’ve got a puncture

My tyres run inner tubes so it can’t be fixed temporarily. I tried filling it with air but it was flat after a mile, round trip between my local petrol stations

Anyone got any suggestions/recommendations for getting bike or tyre from N10 to Essential Rubber?

Are there call out people who will do repairs on site?

I know I can get a recovery van out for £50, but don’t really was to.

Will I need a new outer or will just a new inner be enough of a fix?



pm sent !

Sorry little late - but what about a shot of that foam that will temp’ seal your tyre - let’s you get to essential rubber at least… or does that only work on tubeless tyres?


Only on tubeless. Can’t the inner be repaired, even temporarily?

Cheers for the replies guys and the pm Barro :wink:

I don’t think the spray foam/goop stuff is going to do the trick.

I need to read the fine print in my recovery plan to see if they’ll pick it up and transport to Essential Rubber, if that fails I guess I’ll be forking out for a man with a van.

Any reommendations for men with vans?