Need to get a new lid, anyone used

Probably will go Arai again.
The gear on is really cheap. Are they selling Arais from last season or something?
Should I wait for NEC? That’s still quite a few months away.

No idea but I got an old-ish model XR1100 at Helmet City for £250.

I would pay the guys there a visit if you can or look online.

It could be that Gear Change have old stock so just make sure that it’s not a design/ model that’s very much outdated.

Many do but I wouldn’t buy a helmet online. I just want to make sure of a perfect fit before I part with me hard earned, seen too many riding around with poor fitting helmets because they bought a brand online and got the size/shape wrong.

Helmet City are a good bet.
I got my lid from there recently. Fast free delivery + free returns. Fourth one fitted perfectly. Would recommend.


Yeah I am a little fussy :wink:

Tried some shoeis at helmet city today and wasn’t very impressed. Will just order the same lid I have now. the discount on gearexchange is huge!

Reason if any to pop down to a shop. I have always used Infinity.

Staff in Infinity is too much. Won’t leave you alone. Everything you try is the best, it’s their bestseller… I find J&S much better. I spent a small fortune in sportbikeshop. They do price match and returns I just drop off at my local sweetshop.

+1 J&S

I’m fussy too. My most recent lid came from J&S, told the staff to leave me to get on with the job of finding a helmet that fits and they did. Didn’t look at any brands or pricing bands just went about trying on virtually every helmet in the shop. Purchase was based on fit and fit alone regardless of brand, cost or colour (maybe I was swayed a little by the red). My theory is that, providing the helmet is manufactured to the required standards, a proper fitting helmet will offer the best protection. My only comment on J&S would be that they didn’t stock the Pinlock visor for it. But hey not a problem, a Pinlock is a Pinlock and I got one from bargainbikerbrands on eBay for the absolute bargain price of a fiver

I’ve found the customer service at Lids Direct ( to be excellent. Ross, and Lindsey were tremendously helpful when I was shopping around for a lid a couple of years ago. Ross even went out of his way to order in a specific colour scheme of an HJC RPHA-10 PLUS for me.