Need some quick help cos I think I've just been done over.

Barro’s angel of flat tyres has firmly got her soddin claws in me, just had my THIRD in 6 months.

ANyway, went to a place which, until I confirm whether I got done over or whether they did right by me will remain nameless, to get her fixed up.

I had Dunlop Pilots on and albeit it a soft tyre for all teh city use I do, it was MINT, just worked a dream for my style.

ANyway, fella in ********* says righ we’ll fix you up. Now the tyre that’s on the back is a Dunlop, but its D220ST…

Is that the same thing, cos it doens’t feel like it…


Dunlop don’t make a “Pilot” range of tyres, thats the Michelin range.

Dunlop make the D series tyres, D220 = Sports Tourer, D207/208/RR = Soprt / Fast Road / Trackday

Good little chart here

So best check you havn’t got mixed up …

Whats on the front ???