need some medical help

hi there,im new in here.there is a thing thats bugging me for last few days and i think you people are experienced and can help me out.

recently i had an accident and broke both bones in my left forearm. the doctor did a surgery and bolted 7 screws with a steel plate on each of the bones so they can stay in place and heal. i used to ride a 125cc cruiser and just love pretty question is,will i be able to ride again,after a few months,when my bones heal a little??

im pretty scared right now cause i cant think of leaving my bike,so awaiting your replies…please help me out in here guys:crying:

There is at least one member on here who has had both wrists plated and pinned but still rides comfortably, so don’t worry about it too much - just give yourself time to heal :slight_smile:

who is he??i wana talk with him

and how much time do i need?? the doctor said he will do another opperation to remove these plates 2-3 years later.but i wana ride now,or may be a month later,but not 3-4 years bike will die if i dont run it in 2-3 month i guess.

Yes it wont be long before you’re back on riding, my son did the same injury breaking both bones and shoving the wrist up his arm a few inches :crazy: it was disgusting to see. He had an op straight away to get blood back into the arm then had a second op the following day to plate it.

Don’t rush the recovery as you’ll be paying for the rest of your life.

Use the old Oyster Card for a few months, hope you get better soon. :wink:

You can still ride with it plated so don’t worry, my son had his out a year later.

thankx alot GSXRAng,now i think i can breathe easy.but from now on i will wear padding or may be an battle armour.cause that opparetion and those ANTI-BOITIC INTERVENUS INJECTIONS hurt like hell!!!

Welcome aboard :slight_smile:

There’s a few others on here who have lived to tell the tale and still ride on, at least it’s winter :wink:

Don’t worry - you will probably find you will be back doing most things very quickly, and though you might have some pain and weakness at first, if you do what you are told you will probably be back as good as new in no time.

One reason for bolting the bones together is it helps them heal much quicker than if they are not so well supported. I broke both bones in my forearm with a compound fracture on 11 June 2004. I had plates bolted to both bones with eight screws. One of the bones was in three pieces. I know I had a follow up appointment on 4 August - I was able to drive the car there. I was able to ride the bike by the middle of August - but as usual, Italian parts were in short supply during the summer due to factory breaks and the bike was not delivered back to me until the week of the 23 August and I was riding it straight away without a problem and was back to my usual 12 mile each way commute by the beginning of September.

BTW - I was told the plate would not be removed unless they caused some problems for me in which case they would take them out after two years. To be honest I am happy for them to stay as further surgery to remove them I can do without.

BTW2 - I had a similar injury to the other arm the day England beat Portugal during the 1966 World Cup. That was plated also, but was removed after only two months to avoid growth complications as I was only 5 at the time of the accident. I have no problems with that arm either.

Hello and Welcome to LB Mate

Hi and welcome aboard.

Sorry to hera of your accident, if you want to ride you will ride again. I had a major off in 2002 where i smashed my lower left arm and wrist, after a couple of operations and time to recover i was ridding again after 5 months.

sorry to hear about your accident hope you are ok and welcome to LB.:slight_smile:

thankx guy,hope to recover soon.

hope l’ll have a great time in here n make friendz with some realy crazy people like me!!! :D:w00t:

Welcome to LB…Hope you get well soon.

Come to the Christmas party and meet Terry Moto…Heal tell you about accident recovery :rolleyes: