Need some IT help

I am part of a family buisness which is in need of some help with setting up a computer network. We have 3 offices at the moment and we need these to operate on 1 central server. Is there anyone on this site which is in this field of work that could give us an estimate to set this up. Please pm me if you can help.

Many Thanks


My brother does this, where you based?

Pinner,Ruislip and Hitchin.

ah thats a shame, too far out for him, sorry man

No worries

This is exactly what we do.
I’d be happy to come and visit you during work hours, give you some info, and leave it with you.
I’ll send you my mobile number and you can call me at any time.

Gis a shout (or nab me the next time you’re at a meet).

Sure I can help you out.


Basically it sounds like you need site to site VPNs (ideally) or vpn clients installed on the PCs accessing the central server (cheaper).

The connections would ideally be broadband, but dial up if possible (but not practical if a lot of information needs to go across the VPN).

The site with the central server will require a static IP address.

It sounds complicated, but once you’ve sorted out what exactly is required it is easy to set up.