Need some inspiration...

Hi everyone! I need to pick your brains. I’m planning to head up from London to Shrewsbury this weekend. Presumably along the M1, M5 and M45. Are there any nice places worth stopping off at? Any scenic spots or historic sites etc?

Many thanks :slight_smile:

M40 surely? If I was doing it (and not in a hurry) I’d probably end up going through Wales :smiley:

If in slightly more of a hurry, M40 to oxford then something like Evesham, Worcester, Leominster, Shrewsbury.

If Jetstream sees this you’ll get some better ideas!

What Alex said + Ludlow is worth a visit:)

Ahh yes, I’ll take your advice with M40. I was going by what my GPS told me :slight_smile: Totally agreed with Wales, shame I won’t have time to head over there.

Thanks for the tips :slight_smile:

Any tips for this sort of journey but on A roads? Looks like A5, A45 then A41…

If I can just figure how to plot a route on my Zumo…