need some help guys n girls

hi all,
its my mates 30 th birthday coming up soon 27 march to be exact and as he’s gift i wanna talk him on a 5 day ride to Europe ending in Rotterdam to catch the over night ferry sounds cool aye: the only problem i have got is that i have never ridden abroad before and Europe is a big place… my question is this can any one recommend a good place to go for some real nice twisty s and a good hotel 100m from callis with decent parking as his wife is getting him a new R1 so he wont leave it any were lol

Hope you can help
Thanks :slight_smile:

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Thanks for all the advice guys lol

I was just thinking the same!!! :w00t:
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Use and plan your trip.

I guess 1 handy reply from 7 is about right for an appeal for help on this site. Let’s see if I can make it two.

Forget Calais, head for Belgium and go to Luxemborgh. One of the countries in Europe that give me vertigo.

Pity about the bit between the Channel and the border but you can’t win all the time. Not sure about the 100 mile limit and too blo*dy lazy to check.

Could be your lucky day babe. xxxxx:P

thank you.
The 100 mile limit is for the first day as we get to callis late at night i have found loads of hotels but was hoping that someone could recommend somewhere they have stayed and liked. thanks

Terry’s feeling brave, lol. Wonder if I’ll see him out later :w00t:

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We was goning to stay in this place

But they could not fit us in at the time, its run by bikers and they got secure parking etc… :slight_smile:

Very very biker friendly, so much so you cant even get in unless you are on a bike. Undercover parking right outside your room.

About 60-70 miles from Calais. Leave Calais on the motorway then turn off onto back roads at Veurne (Jct 1a) then on through Nieuewport and the N358 to the hotel at Oudenburg. The last bit alongside the canal is great.

This would give you a gentle intro to riding in Europe and a good place to stay for your first night. You can then go beserk for the rest of your trip.

Thats what I would do, your mileage may vary. I have stayed there a few times. going again on April 18th to 19th this year.


THANKS :slight_smile:

Just been on web site and booked the hotel looks absolutely perfect massive cheers

March is probably too early in the year for high passes to be open, let alone with all the snow going on?? hopefully would have melted by then :cool:





That pass looks like a right furka…

ok, ok…coat in hand