Need some bike suggestions . . . .

I’m considering keeping my ZX6R for track only and buying another bike for road use. Needs to be unfaired, big, lots of character, have monster torque, still good handling and a sporty nature to it.

Have thought about Beneli TNT or Ducati Monster S4R, Moto Guzzi V11 (not sure about this one), Fazer 1000. Also thoght about a naked sports bike like a gixer 1000 or ZX10, or even a busa.

Any suggestions for somehting interesting, reasonable handling, loads and loads of torque, fast and characterful ?

Test ride a Bandit 1200 but want something with more poke and a little bit more sporty.


What about a Tuono or a Speed Triple or a GSX1400?

You won’t find any character in the Jap bikes you’ve mentioned;)

how about an Aprilia RSV or like chunks says the GSX1400

ktm 990 sm :slight_smile:

Don’t want to worry you but…:hehe:I’ll not tell ya again about Busas :PWhat happened to the track weapon? :blink:

I was wondering that too… Wheres the gixxer Stevie:hehe:

**Any suggestions for somehting interesting, reasonable handling, loads and loads of torque, fast and characterful ? **

If you serious about the torque, your looking for a big V twin. Forget Hardly Dangerous and then look at what’s left.

Lots of interesting stuff in that bracket, from Aprilia, Buell, Ducati, etc.

speed trip and tuono are well nice too

I’m Bias but the TLS has it all, especially character, however you could consider a Cagiva Raptor, same engine different package. The Speed triple and Superduke are great options.

The TNT is beautiful but totally unreliable, I had a Buell and that proved troublesome although it was an older model, the 96 mile tank range is diabolical.

The Guzzi is probably your most interesting prospect, my bro has a 1000s and it’s awsome, a real head turner, goes well and he handles it around the twistier roads, o’k it’s far from the razor sharp modern bikes but they (to me) are boring.

If money is no object what about a MV Augusta Brutale?

Thanks, what’s the Honda SP1 like ?

The gixer 750 is still here, although it’s a K4 and everybody says it’s the dogs for track, I found it a bit under whelming. It’s a bit faster than the ZX6, nice and stable, bit bigger, but it’s not got the zing that the 600 has, the kwak really feels like you’re riding a rabid dog, it’s such great fun but the gixer is more sedate, smoother and less peaky, like the kwaks older sister, still a goer but in a different way ;):stuck_out_tongue: It’s a great bike but it’s not necessarily for me. I’ll be using it again a few times before I finally decide to sell it, last one will be at Silverstone on the 30th. Might change my mind.

I am tempted by a busa, I really am ! I might have to have a punt on eBay and get one for a while. I know the engine is awesome, it’s got to be what I’m looking for and I know how easy they are to modify.

I wasn’t immediately keen on the RSV Milie, the short test ride at the Ace wasn’t really sufficient but it didn’t have the rip your arms off torque I want.

I am going to test a superduke but up here, if I go anywhere I’ve got 30 mins of A1 or straight A road before I get anywhere so a SM would just be wrong.

Humm, ever thought of getting an older track bike and starting a bit more ‘from scratch’? that way your riding will come up to the standard of the bike and you will really be testing the limits of the bike. (I have an ‘interesting’ ZX6R if you want it!!! :wink: ) If you know that the bike is slightly underpowered/not quite as sharp handling, etc then you actually have to ‘ride’ the bike quick, its definitely achieveable, look at chuffster on his mini-twin in a trackday fast group for proof.I guess this theory ( © Elad btw) is what you were seeing with the gixxer, easier bike to ride at the same lap time as your kwacker, it would show its claws more the faster your time became.

I say pick up an 2000 vintage CBR6/ZX6 or SV for track work, if you can make it to the fast group in there, then move up to a modern bike.As for big poke unfaired bikes? Think one of the mags recently did a test of loads of these, but think the tunono factory came up pretty good in that, although its the same as the RSV engine wise so if that didnt float yer boat…Maybe have to pick up a streetfightered bandit that has been tuned up a bit (turboed??? :))

Gixxer 750 K4 - Sedate

ZX10R - Boring

I think you need get your right wrist checked for movement ;):smiley:


There was a shootout of 1000cc unfaired bikes in an issue of Bike last year, I’ll see if I can dig it out. I do remember that the final two were the Speed Triple and the Tuono, with the Tuono winning - just :slight_smile:

I’d definitely suggest you test ride a Triple, it still has me grinning like an idiot every time I ride it. Definitely big on the fun factor :w00t:


The biking equivalent of crack!!!

Plenty of movement there Chunks, the 750 feels sedate compared to the 6, doesn’t mean it’s slower. The ZX10 as I explained felt boring, it’s fast, very fast but it’s so good that on the road you just sit there and twist and up comes 160, it’s not difficult.You need to ride a few modern bikes, get orf that tractor farmer chunks :stuck_out_tongue: and sample a few current bikes like the zx10, zx6 etc, you’ll understand what I’m talking about then.

I have and I do understand. If you remember I did pose a question related to this a while back asking if modern bikes are too good and sanitized to be safe. this is because you need to be doing warp speeds to get the buzz.If you want difficult , get yourself a Z1or an XS1100:D

REALLY!? i must try…is it a bit more’ish then:w00t::smiley:

Try a Buell, I know someone that’s got one for sale :slight_smile: