Need some advice


I was wondering if anyone knew of any good mechanics in South London. I am in Stockwell.

I don’t know much about bikes. I bought a kawasaki ninja, it was running fine, but lately It’s really struggling to start. I put the choke on and it won’t start. If I keep trying to start it, the battery goes dead. Any advice?

Check to see if the hooter is on the right way up:)

Get yourself to FWR in kennington, it is very close to stockwell they will sort you out. Could be a number of reasons for this, but they should be able to sort you out. it is a walk in service so you dont need to book an appointment.

Which ninja is it?

On my 636 the choke cable freezes and either sticks on or off. If its off the bike’ll start but won’t tickover, if its on then obviously it’ll start and ticks over at about 3,000RPM. Its an easy enough thing to eliminate.

Thanks Elad…that’s not too far from me.

I got zx6r T reg…I got it to get me to work and back…having some fun on the way!