Need quirky suggestions for a London walk

Showing a couple of American friends around the city soon, want to make it amazing as they’re also going to Athens, Rome & Paris. Put together this walk taking in a few of the usual tourist sights. Any recommendations for anywhere along the way to show off the quirky off-the-beaten-track side of London? Only places they want to see specifically is Piccadilly Circus & The London eye.

Albert Bridge is London’s best bridge (better at dusk) which can be combined with a walk through Battersea Park (been in movies and TV, got a Pagoda) to see Battersea Power Station (if you still can amongst the awful buildings they have put up around it.)

Liverpool Street to Canary Wharf along the river is a decent little walk.

My favourite spot though is a small park at the top of Blackheath Hill. Just a patch of grass, but the view back to central London. Not really easy to combine into a walk, though. But good to include in a visit to Greenwich Park (or Blackheath).

Woolwich to the Barrier is somewhere else I used to go, not a particular exciting stretch but good view of Canary Wharf, the Barrier, and you have the free ferry in Woolwich. Royal Victoria Gardens in North Woolwich is a nice little park, and a bit farther along you cross a bridge at the end of City Airport’s runway, so kind-of interesting. The other way from the ferry you have Thames Barrier Park, though the walk there is not interesting. But jumping on the DLR is an attraction itself,

Basically anywhere along the river with a path is good, especially when you good to avoid the heavily tourist bit from Tower Bridge to Wandsworth Bridge.

Alternatively, Parkland Walk. Alexandra Palace to Finsbury Park along an abandoned railway line. Alexandra Palace has its own story, and a great view, then it is downhill all the way.

Since you will be passing close and may as well stop for a pint… Ye Olde Cheshire Cheese is a really old pub (currently a Sam Smith) and the top of St Brides Church is said to be the inspiration of the modern day 3 tier wedding cake. The pub has old signs for men and women sections. It was also rebuilt before America was even founded.

How about stuff like Harrods, Fortnum and Mason, Liberty, Carnaby Street (though its full of retail shops these days)?


Another vote for the Olde Cheshire Cheese and the remains of the Roman wall on London Wall

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I like the walk along the canal around Paddington

P.s. if they want tips for Athens more than happy to recommend as I probably know that better than London :joy:

Your route could easily accommodate a quick butcher’s at Lincoln’s Inn Fields and more interestingly, New Square beside it. Both house the anachronistic British system of barristers’ chambers which have a quaint Harry Potterish charm. You will probably see Silks in gowns dashing about.

It also depends on what your friends like and their budget. I’ve taken overseas visitors to afternoon tea at The Ritz and at Claridges. Not really my cup of tea, pardon the pun, and pricey but on both occasions the visitors loved the whole Englishness of it.

Most overseas visitors love a ride in a London black cab, take them for a quick jaunt - if you can bear the right-wing political rant from the cabbie. Oh, and a ride on the upper deck of a London bus is always a hit - and that’s nice and cheap.

I’d suggest a walk down Parliament Street, see Cenotaph, flick your fingers up at 10 Downing Street, see Big Ben, Westminster Abbey etc. Might even catch some of the changing of guard and horses in St James’ Park. Then cross Westminster Bridge to London Eye.

In Soho, def pop down Carnaby Street. The Photographer’s Gallery o Ramillies St is worth a pop in. You could hunter down all of Rick Buckley’s noses! - nose sculpture poking out of various Soho buildings. Also do Berwick Street Market, lots of famous music references around there (especially if they like Oasis). Then if feeling edgy descent down into Brewer Street, Old Compton Street etc. Gerrard Street and China Town are always interesting head down on way to Leicester Sq.

You could also take a quick mooch down Savile Row to eye ball all the famous tailors.

Lincoln’s Inn Fields is a good call, very interesting place, good to mooch about the Royal Courts Justice etc. The nearby Hunterian Museum is a interesting place for some medical history. Lots of quirky pubs frequented by the law society around here, e.g. Seven Stars on Carey St.

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I can also vouch for this place, I tell people to get there as well

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Templar Church off Fleet Street?

Thanks for the suggestions folks!

Hunterian Museum would have been great but it’s closed til 2021 :frowning: