need new tyres front and back

Does anyone no of anywhere i can buy some brandnew tyres for my kawasaki zzr1100.I need a front and rear tyre but i want to pay as little as possible since i havnt much money after spending out on christmas pressies,doesnt matter what make or even secondhand tyres if there in good condition many thanx.:smiley:

Give this place a bell in the morning;

thanx bikerbecs will do:)

No problem…:smiley:

I live less than a mile from the HGB tyre shop and find them expensive as well as inept…(bent the inner valve when fitting the last tyre and it was fully deflated 30 minutes after getting home, guess that’s what you get for employing school kids)

Will use these guys next after numerous recommendations :D:

FWR - Kennington

where you based? (roughly)

im in high wycombe.I also need new fork seals done how much am i looking to get them replaced only left fork seal is leaking should i replace both