Need new downpipes can anyone advise??

Old style Fazer’s have a problem with rusting downpipes I’m told and most bikes the same age as mine have shiny new stainless steel jobs but I haven’t a clue what make they are. I’ve tryed Motad who seem legit but cost a fair amount are there any other makes out there and will plugging up the hole I’ve got with GunGum make things worse??

Thanks in advance.

google/yahoo search for Sandy bike spares make pipes for all bikes very reasonable prices :slight_smile:

Motad quality is top notch. I post a picture of the 29K down pipes that I removed from the CBF and cleaned up ready for eBay.

Here you are :slight_smile:

Downpipes are readily available at B&Q, Wicks and other outlets. Standard clour is black though grey is an option. Should you want something a little out of the ordinary, said pipes come in square profile as well as round.

PM gabs, her other half mark is:

worth an ask, might be able to help out…

Thank you all for your advice, I’ll invest in a Motad I think altough it might be a while before the cash is ready, i’ll have to keep plugging it until then…

As promised here is a picture of my Motad downpipes after 3.5 years and 30K miles.

Opti Gleanz from Hine Gericke (along with a green washing pad) and Autosol will keep them looking like new.


or cheaper still, tak em off wire brush them down, paint some rust treatment on them a few times and wire wool them again, paint em with high temp spray paint 5 layers (can costs about a £10) they go back on and look pretty good and you save loads of moneyy to spend on other cool stuff!!!:smiley:

Wow they still look good after all that mileage definately worth investing in, however with the “current economic crisis” i’ll try what tomo suggested. hey it’ll give me something to do in my spare time anyway.

Cheers guys