Need help with puncture - anyone has a van in London Central?

As the title says, does anyone have a van today in Central London (Strand) who would be willing to take a bike to the OMC?

Bad puncture, can’t pump it to ride on - bike belongs to a friend

Thanks! :slight_smile:

Are you sure a puncture kit will not help? Get it inflated and then ride to OMC?

I don’t have a puncture kit :Whistling:

Get hold of a screw and put it in where the puncture is, should help block it enough to get some air in and get to OMC?

Puncture kits can ruin tyres if not careful I’ve been advised in the past after suffering a puncture mysefl!

Good idea Plum, but there’s already a screw in it and it didn’t go the nice way in… the fat end is inside the tyre, with the pointy end sticking out :frowning:

Puncture kits can ruin tyres?

have you got recovery Laurance?

i got recovered from work for a puncture as bad as yours, job takes 5 minutes to make a temporary plug, then hop to Simon to get the permanent one.

if not ask your work mates if they have one maybe some will call them, obs as they are getting a lift on the bike…

Not if you use the right ones. The kit i have worked a treat, and i Essential Rubber was able to fix it properly when i took it in.

I’ve got a kit with me, so if we can get the screw out then we could get the tyre fixed up and get it to OMC. I’m in Waterloo and could meet up after 5:30 if you don’t get sorted with a van.

Thanks for the offer Sookie, managed to pump the tyre enough to ride it to OMC in the end :slight_smile: