need help with new lathe

Well , it,s new to me …an old but good myford ml10.
Trouble is I am a complete newbi to machining and could really do with someone showing me the basics , so a contribution to the beer fund offered to anyone who has a couple of hours to spare and can get to hunton bridge near Watford.

IIRC, Matt at the OMC has a lathe and makes his own parts. they’re well set up for taking money for time teaching

Yes pop down to the OMC Matt is always so pleased to play with his lathe

Zeph - did you not live in S London (many years ago)

Hi  immortal , I did indeed live in Wallington and before that in hanwell …think you popped round my place once . thanks for the heads up on matt guys but I really wanted someone to show me how to set up and operate my own lathe if anyone knows there way around a myford .  

Wait until January lol! I found the course and enrolled!

Fairly sure we had those at school and college back in the day.

Manuals and much other stuff is still available from the horses mouth

I done an eveing course a few years back was about £90 I think
Then someone broke into my garage & nicked my stuff

Yea, the one I’ve enrolled is £95. Think Zeph’s on the same one. Teaches the basics of turning on a lathe, milling & fitting. Part time over 10 evenings.

cool , see you there in January Curtis

i used to work on lathes a long time ago… too long ago to be able to show someone how its done.  But it was the most satisfying machine i ever used.  I’m sure that statement sounds unusual, but you will see what i mean when you start your course.  good luck!

May i ask how much the lathe cost you?

Have a nosey over at friendly bunch that have expanded form welding to machining over the years.

yea michaels  I snapped it up on ebay buy it now for 300 squids … minutes after it was listed in  lovely condition , with 3 and 4 jaw chucks and lots of tools etc;  would have gone to 500 at auction :) 

thanks for the link monkey , just also bought a tig welder so site is really useful … got a nice little workshop coming along now  as already have my oxy acetylene stuff , 2hp polishing machine ,pillar drill ,  engine hoist etc;   :slight_smile:


Can’t beat getting OA out for some heavy cutting :slight_smile: Don’t have the need any longer sadly. 

Hey Zeph, that’s not a million miles away from my sister in Kings Langley… will ask you to put the kettle on next time I’m up that way bud !!

yea , no probs indian …always happy to show off the bikes and workshop to someone . and kings  langley  is probably about 2 mins away with the lights in my favor  :slight_smile:

These might help

Got me self an ML7 today, needs rewiring but other than that and a few paint scratches is in really good condition