need help to solve this problem...

hi yall,smiled here…ive got this problem of a sensative nature…no its not itchy and no its got nothing to do with getting my best freinds girl knocked up…its my girlfreind…let me explain…just before the festive season of christmas there comes a time that your familly ask the routine question of “so then…what do you want for christmas?”…so as to avoid the usal…“ahh…umm…just get me anything” routine,i thought as i was getting my bike test out the way,i would go for useful things for my bike…“great” i thought,“things i dont have to shell out for” so i spouted a short list to all the familly and left it at that…well come christmas i was amazed at what i got(including a real nice set of titanium knee sliders that spark when on the deck) as well as some other really usefull items…things were going well when my girlfreind handed me this tiny bundle of wrapping paper…so i unwrapped my gift and low and behold…a pair of brown doggy stick on ears emerged…now…i dont know what the crack is on these stick on doggy ears but im not to sure on them…so i looked plzed as punch (as you do) and put them to one side…now test day came and i am plesed to say that i passed so it was strait down the ace cafe friday just gone with my 1989 gsxr 750 slingshot…but just b4 i left i got asked by the mrs…“ohhh shane,weres your cute little doggy ears?” …“dunno” i said shutting the door,and took of rather rapid…got to the ace…great night…but when i got back guess what was waiting for me on the stairs…yep …those stick on doggy ears…so what should i do…if i wear them im likley to get the piss taken outta me from my mates and also,its hard enough when your the new guy down the ace, so the fear of me getting ripped into down there would be a disaster…or risk the mrs getting the hump with me for weeks on end makeing my life a misery…ohhhh the choises…well to shut her up tonight i stuck them on…but what should i do…please advise…im so…so…stuck on this one…thanks…

be brave

Tell her that anyone seen with such things in the Ace area - or anyone thats got anything to do with this site Does NOT…repeat…NOT wear such crap.

If she don’t beleive you get 'er to read this

Mate, you should get a LB prize for that story. I PMSL…

Wear them with pride! Half of the *******s that will laugh probably don’t have silly add-ons to their lids, nor the girlfriends which could give them ones, so anyway you’re the man, because there is nothing more rewarding than making your woman proud and happy!

P.S, I think I saw on the package in a shop that they stay on the lid up to 130mph… What did you say how fast your gixxer can go?

You should be forced to wear them untill you discover the joys of paragraphing in your posts!

I’ve promised myself that any loss of eye-sight will be due to massive frantic wanking over high quality internet porn; NOT trying to read posts on my laptop by people who seem to talk like a machine gun.

Your co-operation in this matter would be most appreciated!

Wear them like a man!

And please use a bit of grammer in your future posts!

Well done on passing your test!


Hiya m8.

Well done on passin ur test.

Have the strength of character to do what you really feel comfortable with,

and when you get home do whatever it takes to appease the mrs.

Wear them like a man. HOW!

Exit the house with them attached, ride down the road a way (out of sight) and take them off. When she asks where they are, just tell them you lost them when hitting 150, they blew off.

I am really sympathetic to your plight. Fortunately for me, my girlfriend is a biker and would never dream of buying me something like that. (She reads this forum).

You could try being honest.


You could tell her that the adhesive on the ears would weaken the structure of the lid and that should, god forbid you come off, your bonce wouldn’t have the same protection.

Firstly, well done on passing your test, as for those ears !!! ermmmmmm i think they must have blown off when hitting 150 as chuffster said, failing that, take the pisstaking like a man!!!

Well done on the test!!

Go with what Chuffster said or wear them suckas with pride … some people do wear stuff like that up the Ace!

No way, please don’t wear them, they’re SERIOUSLY bad for your style. They are so awful I can’t even begin to describe the feeling that wells up inside me when I think of them. Don’t do it, be a real biker, not a poser!

3 solutions…

like tony said… buy a spare lid and put them on that…

or wear them with pride… sometimes having something that seems stupid is actually very cool! not sure about those ears but it has certainly worked for me in the past but that was during festive occasions… eg. reindeer horns at the beach, santa hat and suit whilst sat at beach bar of 5 * hotel in penang malaysia chilling out with a beer and then playing beach volleyball in it…

i got 3 phone numbers that day and chose the nicest girl… note… i had a great time!

you have another solution that may win u brownie points with the missus… INVITE HER TO THE ACE… but make her wear the ridiculous helmet!

well done on your test… i assume u passed first time which is rare… i failed my car test once but bike test was passed with flying colours… i must have been lucky!

cya down the ace dude…


Dam Chuffster beat us too it. lol

Don’t even think of saying wind blew them off, she’ll see right through it and then it’ll be no sex for six weeks.

Just wear them, eventually they’ll come off or you & the others will get used to them.

Now, be a good dog and fetch me a diet coke, no ice, plenty of lemon! Woof…

Hey mate,

It will be better to wear that on rather than hurting your mrs feelings. I am sure the guys at Ace would understand - I think. OR you could put them on and take em off before you get to Ace but if she finds out, you are likley to be in more ****. I think you should wear them and you will feel happy by making your mrs happy. Atleast just wear them for a while - compromise.

Good luck buddy


stick 'em either side of your crotch and ask her to see if you have a wet nose…?

I’m with you Chuffster! Just let the ‘wind’ take care of it! but don’t look toosad as you may get a replacement and this time with ‘no-more-nails’ in it!


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