Need custom yokes

These measure 52mm…My standard forks are 43, so I think I’ll have some nice billet aluminium yokes made up.

Any ideas who can produce these type of yokes or can anyone recommend anywhere that sells ready made ones?



How about a set like this, my mate Paul CNC’d these for me, give him a call, I’ll PM his phone nubmer to you. Here’s his site

Very tasty.

Will give him a call.


billet bits in norwich will make u aset at a good price,a

Cheers guys.

Do you know if a certain amount of flex is supposed to be designed into yokes to help the suspension with bump absorption at high lean angles?

I know nothing of metallurgy or these advanced engineering processes, it’s just something I hear in racing (unlikely to apply to my application, but if you don’t ask etc).