Need bike suggestions

I like the idea of a big torquey bike for the winter, probably at least a 750 but doesn’t need to be powerful or even very fast, low revving and with plenty of torque is what I think I’m looking for. Naked or small fairing is fine. Cost maybe £2000-£2500, I don’t want to spend too much as I’m sure I’ll want to sell it again in the spring and it will probably get dropped during the winter.

Have thought about an SV1000, Ducati monster, Kawasaki ZR750, Bandit 1200, ZRX1100 etc. Any specific recommendations or bikes to avoid ? (The ZR750’s seems very cheap for some reason ?)

Before I went all soft I always had a big traily bike for my winter commute.

What about a DRZ ot an XT?

No, fancy a road bike, something I can use to go a distance on.

Ask Ewan McGregor how far you can go on a Beemer Trailie bike;):smiley:

No, I don’t want a mud bike, I want a proper motorbike with road tyres so it can still lean a bit, enough torque to pull tree stumps and for it to look a bit retro although that’s not a priority. Trail bikes, sm’s etc are out.

Well the XT 660 looks pretty spiffing with road tyres, can lean for england and give you some great fun in the winter…

But a Bandit 1200 would be very cool, can pick up good examples for cheap I reckon, and get a nosecone fairing on them and motorways are not too much of a chore. Same I guess for the SV…although maybe not so many parts available.

get a bandit. Chuffster bought one just over a year ago as a mile muncher for the daily commute. It does exactly what it says on the tin; it’s cheap run, insure and is reliable. Can’t ask for much more than that really.

What sort of budget do you have in mind?

No more than £2k, maybe slightly more, not a lot because I’m bound to drop it and to want something else next spring.

You could get a mint Firestorm for that kind of money.Bags of stonk, goes and stops well and the finish holds up pretty well:)

Looks OK but it’s got a big fairing and side radiators so it couldn’t be naked. How does it cope with being dropped ?Bandit 1200 might be better perhaps as Justine suggested ?