Need Advise....Burnout and tyres!


My rear tyre is definatly up, it needs changing and if i get caught in the rain there is a real chance of me binning the bike. The plan is to do a massive burnout as to finish this tyre off. Som1 correct me if im wrong, but when doing
a burnout the tyre will reach a point and pop. Does this damage the wheel in any way?

If i was to bring my bike one day to the ace, do a massive burnout would som1 be there to sell and fit me a rear tyre??

Also (final question) any1 know of a good place to get tyres down north east london/essex way in case i cant do this plan?

This is the first time ive ever had to get a new tyre on a bike as my 2 previous bikes were written of or sold prior to this so any advice would be much appreciated!


You would have to do a continous burnout for over 15 minutes (engine gets a heck of a hammering) for it to pop but it depends on the condition of the tyre.

On fridays at ace the Duke tyres van can sell and fit the tyres but will be £££ due to convinience.

What condition is your front tyre in? If its quite old maybe advisable to do the front & rear.

15minutes??? Anil’s ride it’s not ZX6R ( )but come on, you don’t need that long!

Yep, you would be surprised.

  1. Unless you ride on the rims it won’t cause any damage, also riding for a long period of time on a blown tyre will cause damage.

  2. Dukes Mobile Tyres are there most weekends, he will do some BT014’s 4 £220 Front & Rear fitted! Which is quite good. Depends on what you want and if you just want the Rear, I personally wouldn’t mix and match so its up to you unless your buyin the same tyres…

  3. Have no idea mate!

Your tyre will have to get quite hot to ‘pop’, up the gears in the burnout and would take less time! Be prepared to take bits of rubber wire out of your sprocket and capiler! lol


It depends on how much thread is left on the tyre!!! No u shouldn’t damage ur wheel or engine, just make sure that the engine is n’t cold…

Well considering he says he needs new ones i think its nearing the 1.6mm mark! lol


When i did my theory test it was 1mm for a biker, 1.6 for a car. Ill call dukes tomrrow…the tread is ok on the sides but in the centre its just <1mm. Went for a run today and i think it cained the tyres even more!!

Im gonna call dukes 2mrw see what he/she/they say and ill post the situation…

As for 15mins, well thats good to hear…still need to do a big burnout though…although may just end up changing at a local shop :frowning:

what yres u got on there at the moment mate?


Pirelli (spelling?) Dragon Evo Corsa…i think ill just change the rear and when the front needs changing (in good contion atm) then will prob change front & rear to bridgestones…i have heard nothing but good things about those tyres…good all rounder

But your Pirelli’s are probably better… well more expensive anyway, lol!



Just been today, top geezers, do it while you wait. Good prices. Romford.

Seems a no brainer.

Burn out?

You young’uns…

Hi mate,

Nice bike!!!

I had Pirelli diablos fitted on my past K2 600 and they were way better then the original corsa’s you get standard . If you can afford it get some diablos corsa’s i noticed Jay had them on his bike and i have fitted them to my current K5 750 they are F**king wicked worth the money.

Anyways clean bike mate Gixxers rule !!!

Go for the 014’s mate. Supermofo has the Pirelli on his KTM and although it’s very good not as good as the 014 in my opinion.

Money is the main factor and being a fairly novice rider the tyres will make limited difference.

Andrew where abouts do u live romford is very close to me and seeing that ure paint job is from there and ure tyres now im assuming ure close?

oh and damn right gsxrsssssssssssssssssss ruleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Andrew lives in Ealing near the Ace as far as I know.

Considering A KTM is totally different from a Supersports I would say it can differ, Ive actually never had a chance to ride with Pirelli but I would say they are the better tyre… And Anil, A novice rider should really have the better tyre fitted if possible because they will stick to the road better and a novice might not be able to control a slide out as well as an experienced rider for obvious reasons and other things, if it happens of course! So gettin the better tyre would be good IF you can afford it.

Ive got BT014’s on my bike and I rate them highly but michellin from previous experience are really good aswell, just pricey! lol


No disrespect to anyone

But i had 014 two sets and i know some people like them but i think these tyres are S**t they take ages to warm up and have little feed back when it matters the most . Both sets have fallen apart after about 2000m? buy chucks falling off!!.

If your not going on a track get the normal diablo for the road.