Need a van for a couple of hours in central London

I need to pick up a bike in Hammersmith and take it to Cristal palace. Anyone can help? I don’t mind pay for that. Any time from tomorrow to next week

T’internet search for “man with a van” should get you sorted out Cezar.

I believe that its a Honda Benley…

Give Puupy a try.

In that case, Cezar, I can lend you my top box…

lol, your top box is not that big paivi. Yes, it’s a honda Benley but not my one… Another one… I like them! lol

Theres no accounting for taste…

You horrible snob person! lol

Puppy is coming on my rescue! Nice one

I would have helped you but I am off up North tonight. I still reckon you should let me have a go on one of those contraptions for half an hour so I can grind the cans down a bit for you.

only just seen this post! sorry! i would have been able to help!

Adam, can you still able to help mate? the hours guy could do weren’t suitable for the person I have to collect the bike. I’m happy in pay you forv that?

Man with a van here! If your still stuck, let me know.

I need to collect a bike in hammersmith w6 and take to se19. it’s not fat B but for you it maybe mate

I can`t wait to see this fat bike


I ment far! lol