Need a small plate making - where is cheapest ?

Have found a couple of places but they want £15 plus postage for a single plate, is that the going rate these days ?

What is the legal size and how small can I get away with ? I’ve seen Adam’s plate, just, had to put my glasses on - can I get away with one like that, the size of a packet of cigarettes, or should I get a bigger one ?


i got a mate that will do it for a tenner, let me know the size n ur reg if ur interested

Thanks, will do

I got one from Impact showplates,very quick service,came in at £9.95.You can make it up on their site and choose exactly what you want,I got 7"x5",which makes the letters about 2" tall.Looks good.

I got my 7x5 free when I ordered my tailtidy from

Really good service, not often these days that you get a phone call to tell you that your orders all been done and sent - their prices on tailtidys and crash bungs are really good.