Need a Scooter for the weekend, tonight!

We’ve been let down on the scooter we normally use for large events to get around and need a replacement for MotoGP at Donington Park this weekend. We need to pick it up tonight and return it on Monday. It won’t be ridden on the roads, just private property (transported securely) and treated as if it was our own, i.e. with the utmost respect. We’ll contribute to maintenance costs and of course fuel.

We really need a scooter to shuttle around our team and their equipment. It’s a big deal when you’re talking about a 4km circuit and heavy photographic equipment/laptops, etc.

Can anyone help please?

Try mate

How bout my pocket rocket? the red and purple one! more than welcome to borrow it:D

Hi a friend of mine has an old 4 stroke scooter he doesnt want that i think hes giving away his number is

0114WALK YOU LAZY ****

Only just spotted this - too late of course. :frowning:

Next time ring me - always a spare here.