Need a nut for topbox rack

I just got a rack from fleabay. So I was quite happily putting the rack on, when I noticed that the indicator stem doesn’t come through the rack. Only then I realized that I need some special nut which didnt come with the rack.

So i need this special nut, any idea where to look for?

Do you get what I mean from the description or should I take some picks for ya?

Heres a photo I found online for the rack. You can see how the indicators are attached to the rack.


A little more information needed, plus a pic. or two, if you want help.

“Special nut” could refer to both of my kids. Your welcome to either if that will fix things.

Right here some pictures to make it more clear. Below you can see the topbox rack and part of the indicator.

As you can see, the indicator stem doesnt quite go through the rack. so I would need a “special nut” as it is described in the Givi installation guide, but it doesnt show what kind of nut it is.

Alternative solution is that I get a metal piece and attach the indicators to that. But I would rather go the right way.

My advice - give Givi a call directly. They may be able to give you either the nut itself or give you the dimensions thereof - which may then be available elsewhere.

I lost all of my nuts ;), and they were very helpful in pointing me in the right direction.

I found the installation instructions from give site

What I need is no4. “special nut” as seen in the pic. See its a “real” technical term, I didnt make it up. :hehe:

i put a little bigger image so you can see detail.

Nut with a threaded sleeve AND a hole in it, that is fairly special!

Thanks Abbey, I’ll send them a mail. Lets hope they are nice to me too.

your best bet will be to give them a call rather than email.

I got email from Givi and they said that they have sent my special nuts. :smiley:

Got to endorse getting straight in touch with the manufacturers or importers.

Arrow exhausts, Aprilia, BMW and Beckers have all helped out promptly, FOC, for silly little unique bits like that. It’s good business for them and good news for you.

When you next want a top box rack, what make are you going to look for first?