Need a new lid. What are your recommendations?

Have received some brilliant recommendations on here for things like back protectors and battery chargers which i have followed through - so here goes again.

I need a new lid. Have been wearing my Roof Boxer for some time now ( prior to that I had another Roof and also a Shoei.)

The current lid is pretty good - but after a few hours riding on the bike it presses on my temples and I start to get a headache.

I’d like a replacement - good quality, comfortable (full faced - but with a flip lid) with a built in sun visor as well as a clear one.

Any recommendations from LBers who have had a few lids and can compare?

I have a couple of mates who rate their Caberg lids, which come with the flip-down sun visors. Although when I tried one it seemed noisy, but it was a size up from what I normally take.

I find that Arai fit me best (sadly expensive) so that’s what I wear.

All lids are manufactured to a European safety standard, but of course come with different fit, styles and features.

Also for UK safety test data, but have hear dmixed reviews about this.

Usually best to try on loads and see which manufacturers fit your head best. Then hit the internet for the best price.

Chris Jetstream seems fairly comfortable in/happy with his caberg, I am considering one for my next helmet too!

Schuberth C3 Helmet

You can get them cheaper but here is a good choice, lidsdirect are doing some too!

Caberg for me too.

The sun visor does the job and it is a 4* rating too - think the highest for a flip lid when I looked.

Paid £85 for mine at a show - around £100 in the shops.

Id say caberg too:)

chadwell bikes up by us in grays, has the flip ups starting at £105, hopefully getting on at end of month

If Helmet city is still open go there and find one that fits then pick a colour you like. The best brand is the one that fits your head. I have a Shoei head.

My AGV is really light, comfy and has nice soft material to rest against my cheeks. Wouldnt change it. GP Tech. You dont have to buy the one with the chicken on it, but its good fun :smiley:

I got a Caberg Sintessi from Helmet City about year and a half ago. It does fit well - I have an Arai head. It isnt as well made as an Arai. After 18 months daily use summer and winter for commuting its getting a bit shabby but OK. Its got a retractable visor. I had to put a fog city in to deal with the fogging. Its heavy compared to a fullface. Try a load on. I heard that the Tatsfield Helmet City is open again.

Schuberth c3… very quiet helmet… but its really all down to what fits you best… and what you can afford…:smiley:

I’ve had teh Caberg konda for 1 year now. GR8 lid. exellent crash rating BUT it’s falling apart on the underneath lining. all the soft foam is split much like teh side bit of a worn car seat would do. it is a noisy helmet. That’s the only down side to it.

Having said that, The lid has covered 18000 miles in its 1 year lifespan so take that as 3-4 years of normal use. Not bad for £100 :cool:

I’ve had a Caberg Trip and then a Caberg Konda… both good lids! The Konda is a little loud though and I found the fit was slightly different to the Trip.

Both have 5 Star Sharp ratings and for £90 (brand new on fleabay) you can’t go wrong!!

I’ve actually got a Shoei Qwest now which is a superb helmet! Light and a great fit for me… Just a pain that it hasn’t got a sun visor!

I had an old Caberg and it was okay but not a patch on the X-lites I’ve owned since.

X-lite now do something called an X-402 GT which has the features you desire. Why not try it before you buy one of the others? :cool:

…mind you I wouldn’t go for a flip front myself as I don’t trust the chin guards…

All this is really informative and useful - it’s the kind of LB recommendations like these that got me a really great Back Protector a while back. So - I’ll make a list of all the recommended lids and get to Helmet City to try them on - which I see from google is near Biggin Hill. That means I could either nip in after Box on Friday, or head down Saturday avo and have a look.

Would they stock also the X-402 GT do you think?

I like the Roof I’ve got - but don’t like the headache issue which tends to come on about the three hour mark.


Try the Caberg Hyper X too!

It’s a wicked modular helmet and only £140 compared to the X-Lite’s £300

+1 AGV GP Tech…but in gloss black, of course: it’s faster. :slight_smile:

Am liking the cheaper prices of the AGV and Cabergs - but does this mean the quality is compromised in any way?

ive also got a k3 agv, lining is not as velvety as the gptech inside. you need to try on now youve got some ideas. also get your head measured.

Hein Gericke are doing the AGV S4 SV Naked White (removable lining, internal sun visor) for £149.99 in their summer sale. Light and comfortable lid.

Like I said. My Caberg is in need of replacement after 1 year and about 18 or 20k miles. crash rating is 4 or 5 stars!