Need a new Job

Right im realy getting fed up of my job every one here are compleate ($"&$U$"TU).

This is the 1st job in my life i hate working for :expressionless:

but none the less i worked in an aquatics for 2 years i was a window salesamn for almost a year and iv been a CAD techky for a year AutoCad Bryce & Microststion.

got half an AS Level in Graphical Design an GNVQ in ICT did georgraphy Lesiure and Tourism and the rest also good at Maths Only sujbect i realy enjoyed.

So im looking for a new job dont mind what realy computers Vechicals Shops i just want a new job plus im only young (17) so i still have alot of time to learn anything.

Can anyone help me out im getting realy stressed at this job i dont think its the work im doing its the people i normaly get on with anyone but every one here is so busy they dont have the time help me so im stuck doing the same old easy boring work. :unsure:

Catalogue model? :stuck_out_tongue:

You’re always on the last to post is sexy thread :wink:

its a possiblity :wink: just need to meet some agents

My Mum says she’s an agent for Great Universal catalogue :hehe:

Sorry- Not much help:blush:

Sign me up! :smiley: :hehe: :Whistling:

Ill take it :smiley: do i get to work with cameras i wouldn’t mind being a photographer i bet to learn how to spell it 1st tho

:laugh::hehe: As an agent it means you can buy stuff at 20p a week from her for the rest of yourlife :rolleyes:

But you knew that right? :ermm:

urrrrm yes i knew that i was just testing you :hehe:

this job hunting isnt going to well :frowning: come on people im a hard worker

When I was 19 I had no idea what I wanted to do so I blagged it with a mate from uni, we started installing sound systems in night clubs, low voltage lighting was becoming trendy then too and we also installed some simple moving lighting systems. We got a break with a nightclub which was owned by an Arab chap who fell in love with a ‘lady of the night’ in London, he bought her the nightclub and we got the contract to fit it out . . . it was run by a dodgy chap whos brothers were all in jail for gbh, armed robbery etc but we managed to get it up and running in time for the opening night with Hazel Dean and got paid. (You won’t know who she is, you’re too young :stuck_out_tongue: )You just need to start doing something that you’re good at and enjoy . . . how about freelance CAD work ? Can you teach people to use a CAD system. There are loads of companies who have parts made for them on cnc machines, can you fit into that process somewhere ? All it takes is a hand hold then somebody asks you to do something biggger then a bit more and before you know it you need more hours in the day.

i would rather be bossed about by some one lol id get lost doing my own thing good idea tho CAD contractors get payed LOADZ

still looking :Whistling: