Need a new Goretex Jacket

So my 11yr old Hein Gericke Jacket is in need for a replacement soon!
Man goretex jackets have gone up in price!

Yep. I’m looking to replace my current Rukka jacket that’s 9.5 years old, and that was a warranty replacement for a 4.5 year old jacket. I think I’ve have my money’s worth, so I’ll probably get another next year.

Conaidered getting it refirbed? I put my Dainese in the wash, had all the zips replaced and sprayed it with the waterproofing stuff. Was like new :slight_smile:

The Cordura in several places has worn to the Gore-Tex.

yeah mine has split from the seams from a few places… considering Rukka as well

I’m thinking about getting some textile gear. One piece leathers are great but not super practical. Where is the German Rukka outlet? Might be worth a trip.


WHA?? haha Rukka also make Pet stuff

Get on ebay, buy a Dainese Carvemaster 2.

Mine was second hand and is now on it’s 4th winter on my shoulders and it still hasn’t failed me, riding every day in every weather.

My last two have been dainese and I still rate them.

Whilst rukka may be technically more advanced, waterproof etc, looks wise I still prefer dainese’s stuff… That’s not to say that my skills jackets haven’t been good. Kept me dry and safe, including in an off

I got mine up from the shop in Stevenage and they have a big selection. Even though it is a schlep to get there from where you are

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thanks - perfect fit as well!

how not to wash a jacket