Need a new crash helmet


I’ve just got back from lovely rainy Germany where I tried a few lids.
Most ones I tried weren’t comfortable at all or too heavy or whatsoever.

But for the max of £200 I’m prepared to pay for a crash helmet I was very comfortable with an HJC FS-10 Infinity. Unfortunately they didn’t have the right colour (red or smoke grey) and couldn’t order it in time… so I didn’t buy it.
I also liked the AGV S4 or Stealth but didn’t have it in my size to try it properly… and I’m not sure it would be any better than the HJC one… but I can’t find many shops here that sell them.

Now I want to buy it over here but don’t know whether I should risk buying one online.
I know size and everything but am not sure about buying one online.
Does anyone know a good online shop that does this crash helmet?
Or should I better go to a local dealer and order it?
It retails at about £199.
They have both designs and it’s £20 less… but is the shop any good??? and has got both as well… for the normal retail price.

Anyone ever heard/bought from these shops?
Or should I better go again and try an AGV helmet at a local dealer?

Sorry to upset your decision, but I really like the fact that Arai helmets claim their cheapest is just as safe as their most expensive, and Arai start from £200. Then you would get all the customer service of being able to send it back to get checked or serviced.

(I haven’t got an Arai yet, but I think it will be my choice when I do)

Well, that might be a good choice for someone who cares about the brand name… but it has to fit doesn’t it?
And I didn’t feel comfortable in the cheaper versions of Arai, Shoei and some other named very well known brands. What’s an Arai for £200 worth if it doesn’t fit half as good as another one?

Arai’s are designed to be custom fitted, they fit the right size padding to suit your head. Speak to BabyJ at Great Portland St Infinity for more info, he’s a five-star Arai expert. And he’ll also do you a very good LB discount if you decide to buy one there.

Thanks Jay… I’m just not sure if it’s worth the travel.
I’m not prepared to pay more than £200 for a crash helmet. I can’t imagine anyone will be so ‘kind’ to custom fit me an Arai helmet for that money?

And I like the idea of that HJC helmet’s sun visor… which is inside… instead of outside like most other models. I don’t think I’ll get an Arai with the same function for that money?

I don’t know, sorry, but Arai’s can come with pin-lock visors (mine does) and a removable tint insert. I use this to change between tint for daytime and clear for night. I believe it also acts as an anti-fog layer though we’ve not really had the weather lately to test it so could be wrong. I prefer the look of this as well. HJC’s seem a bit cheap looking to me. I also wouldn’t compromise on safety. My head is worth far more than any helmet.

I’ve had an accident in a cheaper lid and it was destroyed after a low speed spill. I’ve since had a bad head-on(ground) crash with an Arai and it stood up perfectly, and more importantly, so did my head. I would hate to think if I would still be alive with a cheaper lid. It’s just not worth skimping on protection imo. Your life may well depend on it.

Buying online should be OK, especially as you have already done the research and know sizes and all.

The only weird thing in my mind would be would the delivery mean that the helmet was bashed about/dropped? But I guess that could also happen on the way to the shop/etc.

Do the distance-selling regulations for consumer rights allow you to return a helmet if it was damaged in transit? You can’t return helmets from regular stores.

More interesting question… how do you even know it’s damaged?
I can imagine the inside can get damaged and you don’t even see it.

Nah, easy to important damage, i.e. exterior damage or interior padding damage.

Dunno Jay… on the first website it doesn’t say about not being able to return a crash helmet:


You have seven working days from the day after you receive the goods to inform us that you wish to cancel and return the goods for a full refund. This must be done by email or a phone call so we can expect the goods. The customer must take reasonable care of the goods. This includes ensuring the goods are adequately packaged on their return."

its hard to say what could happen on this one. if the helmet was damaged in transit and you notice this once the courier is still present; external damage on box - tape missing. then you just sign for it as damaged and then the company will claim of the courier’s insurance.

if you find it is damged when you open the box and courier isnt there ( external box was in good shape/form ) then you can only take some pics and get straight on the phone.

as for helmets go the entry level arai helemt ( condor ) can not custom fit anything. cheekpads and/or crown. you can only change both on a viper gt/astro r and upwards. it is hard to say the hjc helemets may will be a better fit (shape generally the case) but the shell may be polycarbonate or if it is a fibreglass composite then it may and wont be as strong as the basic shell of an arai or shoei. personally i dont like the hjc helemts they have a ‘cheap’ fill to them and dont feel to be great helemt anyway.

‘intergrated visors’ arnt good in a helmet ethier becasue this means there is a gap in the polystryene which isnt good becasue of impact it has room to crush and move (de-form) the shell. i wouldnt go there and use a differant visor or insert.

i would try the AGV becasue i think it will be that much better for you (if you dont want and arai or shoei) and you will be alot more happy with your final decision, even though you will have to do more work.

anyway thats just my imput and i hope it will help you in making the right adn final decsion.

Hehe bit of an essay

And the end of the story is I bought an AGV… which was about 100g lighter than the HJC and had a better design. Now I haven’t got a sun visor but bought a tinted visor with it so it’s ok. It has a great feel to it when riding it in town. Don’t know about motorways yet though. It’s a bit noisier than my old Nolan that’s for sure.

AGV Stealth Catalyst Shadow Black

top man !

nice lid … looks really good.

good choice

I found the AGVs fitted better than Arais too, but then found Dainese to be an ever better fit and got a bargain with over £100 off. Only problem is no ACU gold sticker for track use, but it meets the latest EU standards.

I would always go for fit over name but if they are as comfy as each other, go with the best after care!

great looking helmet!!

i went into metropolis the other day card on hand ready to buy that helmet…

but it didnt fit the small was too small and the medium was to big… the guy even tried changing cheekpads but my head felt like in a vice.

ended up trying a couple and felt the best in the Arai I bought (now all i need to do is customise it )

I stock HJC FS-10’s

My current ones are in grey with white flames

But i didnt read the whole thing so didnt realise you’d got the agv.

Dont tell my boss but there better helmets anyway

lol @ Jobie

The HJC ones are nice with the sun visor but it couldn’t beat the weight and fit of the AGV.