Need a name for this.............

8 or 9 weeks old. Mother is a pure bred Shar Pei and the father a Street Gentleman…Tsk!:cool:Any suggestions (she came with the name of Katerina which we are not sure about!)?




Aawwwww…she’s cute…and gonna be huge! Look at those paws! :smiley:

You not wanting a girlie name for her or are you not bothered?


Always wanted to call one of my dogs Mutt but never been allowed too!!! (wonder why):w00t:

Maximus Decimus Meridius.

Perfect for calling out in the park…:smiley:

Not bothered…shes not really much of a girlie anyway…:slight_smile:

Call her Poppy and lure everyone into a false sense of security by thinking she’s a lil staffy or summin and then watch their faces when they see her! :smiley:

She is beautifull and my kids have gone all soppy looking at the picture, they said she`s a beautiful like a presious doll, so for a name how about muñeca which is spanish for doll.

That’s a scooter name for a dog! :w00t:

How about Mumra! pmsl

btw - She’s absolutely beautiful mate, so Skeletor or Cringer won’t be apt either! :hehe:

I called my last dog cocaine due to the fact that the bitch looked and acted like she was high on charlies at all time… Try to call that in a park…:smiley:

she looks like a sasha mate…:wink:



By the way she is a beauty:)

Beautiful dog!

how about widget

aaaawwww wot a sweeety:D

Can’t you just shorten her name to Kat?

That should raise a few eyebrows in the park until they see her bounding up to you!

She’s beautiful though! :smiley:

how about ‘Oi’ that should work!

My new dog will be called BH!!!
So I can always said I was talking to the dog if Eva get upset… :slight_smile:

Lovely dog! :slight_smile: I like JohnPs suggestion.