Need a name for my project...

Okay thought id create more activity in here…

Its no secret i have a project on the go making a very special supermoto and its not hard to work out what parts i have if you are on any of the other forums i am.

One thing it does need is a name, so start the ideas rolling…

After talking to Stitch, the chairman of the heroes charity riders, i am doing it in honour of Afghan Heroes.

Help for heroes is a great cause but they are all about the buildings and already have a lot of money, talking millions, sat in their acount doing nothing.

Afghan Heroes is all about the troops, they have a mere 31k sat in their bank which they have to keep in there to be recognised as a charity. They are the guys that buy top end prostetic legs for people among other things, there money all goes to helping and suporting those injured on ops and the families of those who have lost a loved one serving their country in Afghan. They have no hesitation in spending the money someone needs and one day i may need their help so im making them my charity.

Also trying to find out the cost of each part new to see what it would of set me back for the total build, ofcourse i got it all second hand :smiley:

Here is the spec list so far…

DevTech frame £4322

DevTech swing arm £2064

560SMR engine STC tuned

41mm carb £715.86 (cant beleive its that much :crazy: )

Suter slipper clutch £695

Factory rear shock

52mm WP factory forks £6000

Xtrig triples

Red Beringer radial caliper £449.99

Red Beringer disc £449.99

Red Beringer clutch MC £449.99

Dual FMF titanium pipes £1383

Red CDI with mapping switch

Factory ignition with quick shifter

Factory K&N with carbon pipe to fit carb

Carbon bash plate

KTM SXS steering damper £494.17

Will fill in more when i find how much it is… total so far if brought new £16574.01

And if anyone can find a price for the 52mm forks i’ll be well impressed as joe public cant buy them. Cancel my last, just found the price :w00t:

That’ll be awesome!
Are you planning to road register it or are you going racing with it?

What about “project blast” :smiley:


Sorry mate, I’d say that’s in poor taste.

Sorry, wasn’t meant to be, thought it fitted in with the sense of humour of most squaddies I’ve met seem to have.

But not wishing to offend anyone, in light of this I’ll edit it out & PM ASBO directly & let him decide if I put it up or not.

tbh I think you may be right, but prolly safer to leave it to a squaddie to make the suggestion :smiley:

Pat its absaloutly fine. We all have a much more crazy sense of humour than most could imagine. One of the guys in the team i work with lost his legs, this was before i joined the team, and they all joke about it. He even put a joke up on FB about how he is legless, refrencing it with being drunk.

And my job is to actualy go out hunting for the IEDs

Thanks for the concern though Allan

Im looking for something that has a good ring to it and relevant.

Dries, i will be road registering it.

Oh and an example which is what Stitch’s bike is called the Tour Of Duty bike

Phew, glad you cleared that up! :slight_smile:

I can think of a few things that kinda sound rightish (because of the intended spec, apart from anything else) but are american and well out of date - like “Desert Storm” and “Shock and Awe” :doze:

How about Tour of Beauty :slight_smile:

Desert Bling? :slight_smile:

Just going by that price tag!!! :w00t:

How about ‘The ASBO Shitstormer’

how about bread & butter cos thats all you’ll afford to eat after spending money on that and a sdr:D

That one made me laugh

MD i’ll just grab myself a years suply of rations from the stores to keep me fed, ha ha…

Some good sugestions there guys, keep them coming :cool:

Oh and here is the response when i tried finding out how much a set of Xtrig triples are for the factory forks…

‘sorry mate but you have factory forks and parts are not for sale’

Never realised it was factory forks i had when i said how much is a set of triples to fit the 52mm WP factory forks… ha ha. Okay looks the answer to that will remain a mystery to me