Need a Good Solicitor

I recently got knocked of my bike crossing and intersection with my mate on pillion.
Hurt my shoulder but thankfully nothing broken and my mate was fine.
Bikes been written off.
The police were a few cars behind the incident so they took all the details and gave me a CAD number.
i even had a witness stop who said she saw everything and spoke to the police and gave her detail i believe.
the problem now is despite giving this information to the insurance company they claim that the police will not give them any information and that i need a Crime reference number.i have sent them this information twice now and its been over a month now and is really getting me exasperated as till this is all sorted getting insurance will be a nightmare and very expensive to boot.
also i am missing being on two wheels…

anyway speech over i think i need all the advice i can get on this to get me back on two wheels as soon as possible… and the right representation as the insurance company don’t seem to give a toss about the situation

thanks all


Send a PM to T.CHe works in this field…

will do thanks… any more suggestions people?

White dalton

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