need a good and not too expensive place to balance my bandit 1200 carburetors!!???

my carburetor is playing up and its out of sync and need somewhere that is reliable and not that expensive to do that?

would anyone who has done this before share how much they have paid for it please?


any help will be much appreciated


Oval motorcycle centre …im sure they have the tools and assistance to do this

Scorch on here in watford area

I have the guages etc myself so it cost me the initial outlay £40
And my time

Matt at OMC can do it. It’s a dieing art apparently.

For the record, when I invested in a digital gauge (which Matt put me onto), and compared the results with my Carbtune, the results were different. Not massively, but significantly. In addition, the digital gauge gives me a reliable RPM, calculated from the vacuum cycle, so setting mixture screws is much less hit and miss. 

unfortunatly i havent got time, space or know-how to do the job myself. so i will need to pay OMC a visit. anyone know how much i will get charged for that? 

Digital gauges… Mmmmmm

Oval Motorcycle Centre charges £27 per hour inc VAT for bench time including help from one of their mechanics.  Sundries like gloves, cleaner, oil, lube etc then they just charge a one-off £3.50 for that.  Of course, you also get to learn to do the job yourself, which I think is a real bonus.

Scorch on here in watford area  TimR
Nope he's moved to Chesham now, but may be able to assist.