need a coil

for an 89 slingshot…

been getting silly quotes from ppl …if you got one from a 600 bandit or the like…gimmie a shout…


hi matey. have you checked ebay. they got loads on there. looks like the sv1000 will fit too…

As Joe says Ebay is your friend! Also Chuffster has a bandit and he has a few bits - he might know someone you can speak to.

Best of luck dude!

I did have 1 but not now, sorry, will ask around for ya m8, normally ask on OSS but that down at mo but know pepes off there.

If ya get a chance get som dyna coils.


ive got some,but ther on me bike

Ask oggyplonk

stars all of ya!!!


Looks like i got 1 for ya m8.

Bloke asked me to make a donation to Old skool suzuki which i did, ok?


u got pm m8.

so have you!!!

cheers rocker!!!


**** off smiled you need one of these… it wasnt the corner men we was waiting for last years St George ride it was you keeping having to stop to wind it back up

it does 40 miles to a cycle



hahaha!! and why is the benny hill tune always in the background whenever your out on it shane???

my time will come…my time will come…

coil has been installed thankyou!!!


All sweet is it m8?

told ya it was the coil on the ride out didnt i mate hope she runs aswell as she looks…enjoy shane