Need a bike


I’m a newby to this site, but wondering if you could help me out, I have just sold my 125cc bike and am now looking for another onw, I only have about £700 though so if anyone could help me out I would be thankful.


The Sleeper

Welcome to LB.

What kind of bike are you after? and will be your friends.

make sure it has Tax and most important MOT and V5C

Any thing really, a nice scooter, a NSR, KMX style bike, anything really I need it to get to work, but I need somthing secure as some muppet cost me £240 when he treid to steal the bike and did so much damage in the attempt.

gutted really as I would have nearly £1k for a new bike otherwise.

Cagiva Mito FTW!!

Lol your probably gonna struggle finding a decent bike within your budget, most likely you will find really old ones or bikes that need work done on them to make em roadworthy again. A good option would be to save up for a supermoto like a yamaha DT as they wont cost as much in the long run as an NSR etc. Only problem is thieves seem attracted to supermotos and scrams