Neck Excercises

With all these side winds on the m4, this last few weeks- I have found I have started to get a stiff neck on the left hand side… I think its where the wind catches my helmet when looking over my shoulder…

Anyone know of any proven excercises to strengthen those muscles up the side of the neck?


get a weight lifters cap where you can attach weights onto it and get lifting

:w00t: unless you’re a weight lifter I~ wouldn’t try that! Quick way to A&E.

You could try this Qi Gong exercise:

Relax. Consciously relax your shoulders. Breath in as you slowly look over your left shoulder- stretch as far as is comfortable but no further. Breath out slowly as you look over your right shoulder. Your movements follow the speed of your breath. Simple but effective.:)Best to do this when you’re not on the bike;)

I’d be proud of that ;):stuck_out_tongue:

Lie on your right side and get a close friend to sit on your left ear for 30 seconds, repeat every day, increasing the time by 15 seconds a day, after a fortnight you will find you can support your friend for three minutes and fortyfive seconds, something I`d be proud of! :smiley:

Right se1adventure you have a choice.

Several hundred years of Taoism (or the Third Way if you prefer) or a, relatively, few years of Jetstreamism.

Jetstream’s solution has more exciting possibilities, given the right helper.

I’d go with either the relaxation or consult a sports science person.

If you take the latter route you could end up with the strongest neck since David Coulthard.

Wind yer neck in

Wind yer neck out

Wind yer neck in

Wind yer neck out


F1 exercises would be wise. Saw Damon Hill doing them on a documentary once, looked very effective.

Google will probably find them for you.

You also need to stabilise and strengthen the muscles in your shoulders/back so you don’t become round shouldered and your scapula doesn’t wing which can cause pain in the neck.

Its interesting to see the varied responses to this… :smiley:

I’m starting with the prractical option of trying the head turning- its surprisingly effective as stage 1! Next will be a consultantion with one of the personal trainers (who I usually avoid :w00t:) at 37 degrees!

Thanks for your responses! :satisfied: