NEC Show

What days are people going to the NEC, for me its the first Friday, anyone going that day??

You’re going on the first day? Are you mad? I’ve booked my ticket and I’ll be going on a workday when it isn’t so busy, maybe towards the end…

We’ll be there on the Thursday only, for press day, not much help I know, sorry.

I am going to try and be there on a trade day. I went last year on trade day and it was so empty it was so nice!

I stopped going a couple of years ago, as I thought it was a waste of time & money…bah humbug

Well, my visit will determine what bike I’m getting next. Plus I need a new lid and shall be in the market for something. And another thing, you’re guaranteed to see some first class models, and I don’t mean the type of the metal kind either.

It’s a much better show than the MCN at the Ally Pally.

Agreed. Eye-candy galore.

Going 1st of November then off touring Wales after

If I go it will be on the Monday, it’s quiter then and It’s my day off