NEC show 2021 review plus photos

Still work a punt even with covid, lots of manufacturers and test ride areas. Many areas wiping down the bikes after people sit on the bikes. The new BSA’s are nice and come with USB-C ports which is wonderfully modern, didn’t see any other bike with that. Lots of old bikes displayed to highlight heritage, lots of chinese and electric bikes.

No Piaggio group, Yamaha only brought a tracer 9 and Tenere 7. Totday was the first day and it was equivalent to a week day for the amount of people. Most not wearing masks.

Some photos of stuff I liked.



Great photos Mian, thanks for sharing! Also, we love your mask. LOL WTF.

People not wearing mask? Jesus, people are just not paying attention, are they? Madness.

What was your favourite?

I’d have to say the Norton Streetfighter. Bloody beautiful.

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At a glance the BSA catches the eye and then you notice the pseudo push rod tubes and begin to wonder what else is just cosmetic which may help to explain why such a mahoosive water cooler is needed for a 650 cc thumper and what’s with the 12L fuel tank surely that’ll have less than a 100 mile range.

At least with the Norton you’re not getting a motorcycle that pretends to be something it’s not.

You mean like the triumph Bonneville you used to own where the fuel injector system had a cover on to make it look like a carb?


I guess that depends if you bought one expecting something that works…

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Two of my six Bonnie’s were like that and to be fair they looked the part. With the BSA the pushrod tubes end short and outside the cylinder head. I guess it’s the same as the Bonneville’s pseudo parts but different.

Just been. To sum it up in a word? Underwhelming.

I fit it in with a pre-Xmas visit to Brum to meet my sister & nephew, so other than the cost to get in, it’s not really cost me anything. I don’t work Fridays, so I’ve not even wasted a days holiday. But I’d be rather disappointed if I’d taken the day off & paid to come up here especially to go to it.

Not very crowded really. And despite the changes to covid regulations since Mian’s post, I’d say that at best maybe 40% were actually wearing masks, probably less.