NEC show 2020 cancelled

Show organisers for Motorcycle Live regretfully announced today that following an extensive and detailed consultation period, it has been agreed to postpone this year’s show until 2021 with concern for public safety and the well-being of industry colleagues being central to the decision.

The following open letter has been issued from Managing Director of Motorcycle Live, Finlay McAllan:

“Motorcycle Live is all about audience interaction, meeting with friends, climbing onto all the latest machines and trying on the all latest gear. Many of us use it as an annual pilgrimage to meet with friends and family and enjoy a great day out together. And it’s not just the public who join us each day – we, alongside our industry colleagues – look forward to the event every year too. Therefore, as you can imagine, the decision to postpone this year’s show has not been taken lightly. Our concern for the safety of our visitors, exhibitors and industry colleagues is at the heart of this decision.

“As with any hard decision, we looked at it with a number of different perspectives and factored in various scenarios and restrictions that could be imposed. Running an event like Motorcycle Live under the COVID-19 related restrictions – such as adhering to social distancing requirements, restricting attendance numbers and dictating the direction of people around the hall – all ultimately would have impacted negatively on the experience of those attending and therefore the very essence of the show.

“The whole of the Motorcycle Live team is extremely disappointed – as we’re sure that you are too – but rest assured we will continue working behind the scenes to deliver you a fantastic show in 2021. In the meantime, stay safe and look after each other.”

Motorcycle Live 2021 will take place from 20 – 28 November.

Damn, you’d have thought November would be far enough away that such a decision wouldn’t have to be made now?

That really sucks. I was really looking forward to going.

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I suspect there’s not many shops & businesses willing or able to commit to forking out for stands at the moment.


Yup. Maybe they could have just 1 hall with half of it being ducati and half honda? !hat’s what usually happens!

I’m wondering how this will affect the (normally shit) Excel show in Feb.

I’ve had all my event, gig and theatre work cancelled for the rest of 2020, so I’m not surprised. Doesn’t look like mass gatherings will happen til 2021

I feel your pain. Even next year will be limited for most events

I’ve only been to the bike show at the NEC once, and that was about 2005. My favourite venue is Ally Pally, free parking and local to me, so I can buy lots of stuff and throw it in the car. Excel car parking is too expensive.

ally pally show hasn’t happened for a few years, last time i went it was pitifully small

Takes me the same time to get to the NEC as it does the Excel, the NEC show’s a lot bigger too.

I would imagine the Milan show is going to be in doubt as well. Several key manufacturers have already pulled out.

Doubt it will make any difference to Excel,