NEC Motorcycle Show

Wow…All these car’s going up to Brum :DGis’ a lift someone :hehe:Actually…Can someone spare two seats :Whistling:

If I can make the dates work, you and Diana are welcome to have a lift with me :slight_smile: Might evev give you your books back, lol

Oh yeah…My books :laugh:

No don’t worry…I’ll pay you an unannounced visit :smiley:

I’ll tag along be glad of the company beats sitting in traffic

whats wrong with these im usin g one today to go and see my dadin st neots:angry:mind you they do stink a bit and have chewing gum on every fcking seat :laugh:

your arse cant be that big you need two seats :laugh::cool:

:D:D:D:DAnd the winner of this months goal of the month is… …Ginger !! :hehe:

should be there on my bike

Cool - quite a few people going…

When the event comes closer, will put up a car-share post so that people can get bums on seats allocated, etc. I’ve booked off the 27th Nov, and will by buying my ticket soon (they got an offer on for some cheap neck warmers…)

Let me know when you’ve book and I’ll book mine too. :slight_smile: i need to get a look at the 2008 ZX10:cool:

OOOHHH NNOOOOO not you on a ZX !!! may the saints preserve us !!! lethal as it is…you dont need any more assistance !! Not sure im gonna go in car…its ok going, murder coming home…esp during the week…weekend i find the coming home not so bad…bad enough? but not SO bad !! If im gonna buy anything it will be winter gloves (again!) mmmm possibly another crash helmet…not sure…hmm now youve got me thinking of things to buy…sounds like i might have to take the car …nuts !!!

Yep, I go every year as well. Not too sure about booking a day off for it though…

Booked 27th off :smiley: and am driving up there, so happy to take a few people.

Has anyone booked their ticket yet?

I might go depending on my prior appointments :stuck_out_tongue:

Only thing is I’m not sure I’ll actually need anything

I never “Need” anything but always seem to come back with a boot full of stuff:w00t:;):stuck_out_tongue:

Here’s an idea:Those who want the blat up to brum can, those going in cars can arrange to bring back any goodies. Car sharing and delivery = good for the environment and less hassle parking.

I hope to go, will have to ask the fella. Sod riding up - I like my bucket seat for my large butt, warmth and the sterio blaring. If I do go, there will be room for a couple of peeps. I’ve got a big motor (it’s not a chelsea tractor, it’s not it’s not it’s not :w00t: )

Last time I went up was when I was 16. My dad dragged me away from the CBR600r (still have the stickers:D) and NR750 (£12k bike?) to look at the MT stand :w00t: bless his cotton socks :stuck_out_tongue: At least I have a bike to buy for now.

p.s - hate the M6, love the M6 toll :smiley:

Booked and ticketed, can I get a seat in the Chelsea tractor please???!! :DTickets online are not for a specific date, just in case anyone was wondering, you buy a ticket for one entry over the whole time its on.

Cheers for that! I did wonder:cool:

Just for that Elad - I’m gonna make your ears bled to SOAD :DMy friend Phil, a fellow biker and damn fine tattooist used to headbang to my driving :smiley: The guy who was an ex-mortician assistant and fears nought - held on for dear life and cried like a bitch for his mummy :smiley: Aw I miss my old metro van (ex-BT yellow inside, grey outside) :hehe:

Hyundai sante fe - suv/mpv not a 4x4. :stuck_out_tongue: