NEC Motorcycle Show

I know its a long way away, but have to book the time off work an all dat cos I want to go in the week when it is less busy…so…I’ve booked the 27th November off work and will be going up then, anyone else for that day?

Will have to let u know, cos i will have to book day off as well if i go in week? Usually go weekend though,…not so bad really…people or not…still get home same time !! :slight_smile:

It would be far too tempting to buy something, I’m a sucker for seeing bright and shiny things :slight_smile:

I went to the NEC in '96. First time I saw a Fireblade. After hearing so much about them, I was in love! I wish I hadn’t destroyed my last one :frowning:

I might be interested if I can pikey a lift from Slarty, and if I can get the day off.

Hmmm, very possibly… but if my credit card bursts into flames I will cry :pinch:

Tempted to drive up as the motorways are boring!

Very tempting indeed, I’d also rather drive up there, as I’m sure I’ll be exercising my credit card! and also it’ll probably be freezing by then!

would happily give people a lift there and back, will look at the diary an get back to you guys.

The only thing that will drive you around the bend (pardon the pun) is the M1/M6 traffic. I seem to hit it whenever I drive to Chester. Day or night there is always a traffic queue with my name on it :angry:

We usually go up in the jam jar as end up buying tyres or zorsts or whatnot. I remember comiing home on my bike from when the Bike Show was at Earls Court wearing a 4 into 1 over my shoulder:w00t::smiley:

Probably have a spare seat or two if anyone wants a lift:)

Cool, was thinking of taking the bike up to beat the traffic, but if peeps are taking jam jars, then I will gladly take up a seat for some petrol cash! The worry of buying sommit and needing to transport it back is a real one I guess (unless it is a new RSV slurp)

Sounds a good idea.

Hmm , I could be up for that, not sure I’ll have any money to spend on goodies but I’ve not been for a few years so it would be fun to go along, happy to chip in for fuel money if someone has a spare seat? :smiley:

Sorry, meant to say I can dip down into London to pick up a couple of people and drop back afterwards.

I go every year and i go during the week as you dont get 100s of kids getting in your way like on the weekends.

I’ve never been to this so would like to go. I can also take my car and will have some spare seats :slight_smile:

I’ll look at my holidays and see if I can book the 27th November off as well.

Apparently the train goes right to the NEC. Or is that a dirty word in these parts?

I’m not bothering this year, it’s better to wait until Ally Pally, it’s all the same crap better to buy closer to home and cart it a couple of miles.

I’ll be there this year. I’m up in Brum for 26th and 27th of November, so I’ll be going one of those days. I was going to ride it, but after a chat with Chunky the other week, he’s convinced me to take the car. Otherwise I can see myself riding back trying to wear 2 helmets, 2 sets of leathers and a rear tyre round my neck…


Trains are bad. I would even consider carting all the crap I have on the bike before carting all the crap on train, tube, walk home…

Looks like loads of peeps with cars though, so no need to worry, jump in one of them mate!

Go and wash your mouth out with soap, or 10/40 semi synth:DI will be going but needs to be a weekend, will check a bit closer to the time.

Lol, I quite like the train, I don’t have to do anything other than sit on my lazy bum and listen to music or read a book. Plus I only live a short, short walk from my local station.Oh well :slight_smile:

Just like being at work then for you :Tease