NEC Motorcycle & Scooter Show 2007 Coverage!

We’re starting to get the photos up now for the NEC bike show that’s just started. We went yesterday morning. It was a 4am start (after a 1am COD4 session, ahem), 7.30am arrival and 6pm departure, then home for photo processing and the like. A long day, but great fun. Enjoy the pictures!

This thread will be updated as we publish more of our own galleries and the manufacturers ones as well. Please remember to use the new gallery comments system to show what you like and don’t like :slight_smile:


**- NEC Motorcycle & Scooter Show, 2007 - #1

Cool!! some nice pics there!

Nice pics. I take it there was more than one scooter there (not counting the DN-01), but all the pictures of the other ones just didn’t come out? :):smiley:

just as Jay got to the scooters he run out of film! :pinch: :ermm: :smiley:

We had four photographers for the event, one concentrated on smaller capacity bikes & scooters. This gallery is coming next. It takes a long time to process about 5000 photos, select the best ones, fine tune them, export them, upload them, import them, tag them and then publish them. We’ll have all the pictures up in the next few days without a doubt. I’m working on it all right now.

I’m only pulling your leg. I realise that us autocognoscenti are the discerning minority on this forum, and as a newbie I’ve got a long way to go and a lot to put in before I have any right to complain.

I’m loving that RC8 in Orange n Black:cool:

It looks better in white!!!

I’d like to see a KTM 990 Adv in that paint scheme…:slight_smile:

Maybe but I think the white one’s a bit uncomfy judging by Foxy’s face;):w00t:

Ducati Range 2008 gallery now up!

Psst, I’d love to know how they get the bikes to stand up with no visible side-stand.


Did you get any of the Speedycom stand ?? My buddy has got his ZX10R in Monster colours on there for the show !!!

Man , there is some " proper " money spent on that machine :cool:

Another mate has his " MSS " painted ZX10R on the Dream Machine stand - paint is probably still wet LOL :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes Milleman, we got shots of both bikes! Very nice too!

Just added: NEC Motorcycle & Scooter Show, 2007 - #3, Buell and Harley Davidson galleries. More to come!

im loving the babes :P:D bikes look awesome too


BMW Range 2008 gallery now up. Their new HP2 Sport is well sexy I think. Hard to believe I’m saying that I know!

Victory Motorcycles gallery now up. Very weird bikes in there…

Benelli’s 2008 range gallery now up as well :slight_smile: That’s the tenth gallery we’ve published for the show. Not bad going eh!

Who concentrated on the babes?:Whistling:

Er, the one who was single :slight_smile:

Looking at the NEC motorcycle show, the cannonball 2008, and several of the other events that for some reason i really wouldn’t have thought of before… I feel as if i’ve been introduced to a whole new world or something… and a wonderful one :slight_smile:

events require financial planning for the poor student, anyone know what the next great event is? let me know with lots of time to prepare :stuck_out_tongue: